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Knox Manage knowledge base articles

Last updated June 14th, 2024


Explore our knowledge base for:

  • Known Knox Manage (KM) issues and their workarounds
  • How-to articles for less common setups
  • General articles about KM

General articles

Assess at-risk Play Integrity status of a device

Time constraint with the Report Device Location Interval policy

How managed configuration deployment works for Knox Manage

Reinstall Managed Google Play apps

Knox Enhanced Attestation Error code -5: ERROR_INVALID_NONCE

License assignments in Knox Manage don’t match those in the Knox Admin Portal

App installation status was not updated after being pushed from the Knox Manage console

Cannot open downloaded Content files from Knox Manage client on Android 10

Error 1901105 [Enrollment-EnrollmentSpecRequest(1901105)] appears during Knox Manage client enrollment

Android Legacy mode deprecation

Cannot allow Camera policy only in work container on fully managed with work profile device

Knox Manage support for deprecated device modes in Android 11

Black screen appears when Knox Manage Remote Support is launched

Cannot set up G Suite apps on device enrolled in Knox Manage

About the Knox Manage auto-update feature

Device enrolled in Knox Manage not receiving commands

Cannot find IMEI on devices enrolled in Knox Manage Legacy

The error “Security policy prevents turning on device administrators” is shown when launching apps

Files not opening in Multiple App kiosk mode

Samsung SDS Cloud Connector (1) Windows background service does not start following a Samsung Cloud Connector installation

My current license key will expire soon, and I added a new license key. Will Knox Manage automatically migrate the new key?

Knox Manage and Knox Platform for Enterprise license consumption in Knox Manage

What are the firewall exceptions that I need to configure in order to use Knox Manage?

Why do I need to set Lockscreen on devices to install certificates via Knox Manage?

Known Issues

Error KMA_F5007 — License activation failure with available license assignments

Android kiosk app won’t install

Progressive web app unable to deploy through Knox Manage

App icons display without labels in a kiosk

Devices remain in expired state after changing license

Unable to sync a user with AD/LDAP

Password not populated automatically during enrollment with Knox Mobile Enrollment

Unable to upload a custom animation file

Unable to re-register managed Google Play account

Error KMA_D9006 — Certificate installation fails after unexpectedly asking for credentials

Error 1901166 — License replacement failure

Agent unable to update

App unable to complete uninstallation

Run App command not visible for multiple devices

Unable to add new license to tenant

Device status information differs from console

Internal apps not installing during enrollment

Devices status displays as expired after updating license

Error KMA_B5013 — Device fails to enroll after entering user credentials

Error RSA-1026 and RSA-5004 — Unable to start Knox Remote Support on device

“Invalid password” error when accessing the Knox Manage console

Unable to enter managed Google Play Account during device enrollment

App update controls policy preventing Knox Service Plugin from updating

Error KMA_D9001 — Can’t push APN configuration to devices

Incorrect date and time set on devices resulting in a loss in connectivity

How to enforce a lock screen policy during enrollment for company-owned devices with a Work Profile

Knox Manage license update failure for Android 9 or lower devices in legacy mode

How-to articles

View admin history for device transfers

Enable notification badges for the phone and SMS app in a kiosk

Add the Samsung Camera app to a multi-app kiosk

Transfer a device between tenants

Run a background app in kiosk mode

Allow blue light filter in kiosk mode

Disable the lock screen in kiosk mode

How to find a device’s IMEI and serial number with Knox Manage Open API

How to configure firewall exceptions for Google Chrome

How to set incoming text messages and phone call restrictions with Knox Service Plugin

How to enable key mapping to exit apps in a kiosk

How to block app updates with Knox Service Plugin

How to restrict the dynamic wallpaper service in Knox Manage

How to add a Windows app as a control app

How to enable or disable a specific system app

How to find Knox Manage application and policy information on Windows devices

How to collect MDM information on Windows devices

How to add contacts to multi-app kiosks

How to restrict mobile data during specific periods

How to allow access to personal Gmail in Managed Google Play contexts

How to set the side key to power off the device with a KSP policy

How to reset the lock on a device

How to disable biometric authentication as a lock screen method

How to add a keyboard language to a kiosk

How to adjust the device font on Knox Manage

How to set up a private Access Point Name on Samsung devices through KSP

How to add hidden Managed Google Play private apps

How to block the activation of adding new keyboards

How to verify managed Chrome app settings on a device

How can I use Knox EFOTA to kiosk devices deployed by Knox Manage

How to set up Android Enterprise with Knox Manage and Intune Mobile Application Management

How to Control Applications download within Personal Profile

How to add multiple organization IDs so different tenants can use the same Managed Google Play private app

How to apply firewall policies to Kiosk Browsers and bookmarks under multi-app Kiosks

How to block the addition of unmanaged accounts on devices

How to configure the VPN profile uploaded to AnyConnect using KSP

How to configure email apps in Android Enterprise

How to convert Google Play Store Application to Managed Google Play Store Application

How to enable No Battery Mode for Galaxy Tab Active 3 devices

Automatically start a device with Knox Service Plugin

How to set the system language and device country in Knox Manage

How to unregister Knox Manage as the EMM provider for Google Play Accounts

How to add the same version of an app to Managed Google Play Private if it is already registered as an internal app

Enable accessibility services on a multi-app kiosk

How to delete my Knox Manage tenant

How to configure the Knox built-in VPN client in Knox Manage

How to restrict a user from sharing or accessing device data to prevent security breaches

How to set a new Knox Manage admin password

How to deploy Knox Capture using Knox Manage

How to turn adaptive brightness on and off with Knox Service Plugin

How to configure lock screen notifications in Knox Manage

How to configure longer screen timeouts in Knox Manage

How to resolve the Knox Manage error [Enrollment - UpdateLicenseRequest(1901017)]

Allow external USB devices in kiosk mode

How to apply DeX customization controls using Knox Manage

How to use Knox Browser in Knox Manage Kiosk mode

How to configure Microsoft Exchange in Samsung Email on Knox Manage devices

How to delete a private application from Knox Manage

How to configure Factory Reset Protection in Knox Manage

How to configure a Wi-Fi network with EAP-PEAP authentication using an external certificate in Knox Manage

How to regain access to a Knox Manage console without the original administrator’s credentials

How to enable Single Sign-On for Knox Manage sub-administrators

How to enable Smart Switch on Knox Manage devices

How to develop an app using managed AppConfig settings and apply them in Knox Manage

How to allow or disallow device users to change mobile network setting

How to enroll a Windows device in Knox Manage

How to prevent a plugged-in Android device’s screen from turning off

How to collect dumpstate logs from a device in Knox Manage Kiosk mode

How to configure Knox Browser in Knox Manage

How to configure Android OpenVPN client with certificate authentication using Knox Manage

How to disable a device lock screen with Knox Manage

How to remotely lock or unlock device enrolled in Knox Manage

How to set a custom boot and shutdown animation using Knox Manage

How to manage preloaded applications in Knox Manage

How to schedule or force system updates on Android devices with Knox Manage

Disable Suggested Apps with Knox Service Plugin

How to re-apply Knox Manage’s Single App Kiosk Mode after sending “Exit Kiosk” command

How to install Knox Manage internal app on personal side of device

How to force enable GPS on non-Samsung Knox and Knox 3.4.1+ devices with Knox Manage

How to view data usage of devices enrolled in Knox Manage

How to apply managed configurations in Google Chrome with Knox Manage

How to enable Knox Manage Technical Support

How to manage personal Gmail accounts in Managed Google Play Store

How to set up automatic collection of device information in Knox Manage

How to change timeout session length in KM console

How to find the Offline Unenrollment Code in Knox Manage

How do I integrate Knox Manage with Knox Mobile Enrollment?

How do I synchronize Active Directory SCC with the Knox Manage portal?

How to upload certificates for VPN with KSP in Knox Manage

How to establish a secure VPN connection (Pulse connect) using Knox Manage

How to configure the Exchange Active sync account list for Samsung Email app in Knox Manage

How to use Knox Manage APIs to locate devices

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