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macOS device commands

Last updated December 6th, 2023

The available commands for a macOS device vary based on its management mode.


Device command Description Supported system
Push Profile Pushes and applies the latest profile and app information to the device. macOS 13
Lock Device Remotely locks a Mac, and sends a six-digit personal identification number (PIN) to the user. On restarting, the user must enter the PIN to unlock it. macOS 13
Factory Reset Performs a factory reset and changes the device status to Unenrolled. macOS 13
Power Off Device Turns off the device. macOS 13
Reboot Device Restarts the device. macOS 13

Knox Manage

Device command Description Supported system
Unenroll Device Unenrolls a selected device on the device list. macOS 13

Device Info.

Device command Description Supported system
Sync Device Information Updates the inventory and app information on the device. macOS 13
Sync Installed App List Pulls the device's app list. macOS 13

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