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Manage Knox Remote Support devices

Last updated July 26th, 2023


The information on this page applies only to users accessing Knox Remote Support from the Knox Admin Portal.

To help streamline the connection process for devices, the Devices menu lets you start remote support sessions on devices associated with your Knox Suite license.

The device list includes information about each device’s IMEI/MEID, serial number, model name, mobile number, and enrollment date. You can also delete devices you don’t need to provide support to anymore, and download a full list of devices and their details as a CSV file.

Click a device IMEI/MEID to view its details. In the details dialog, the device’s associated license key, OS version, and remote support history are shown. If needed, you can add tags to devices for easier management.

Depending on your devices’ management type and EMM configuration, you can ask a user to start a remote session or automatically start a remote session from this page. For more details, see Access the Knox Remote Support Viewer.

Delete a device from Knox Remote Support

If you no longer need to provide remote support to a device and want to clean up the device list, you can delete it. To do so, select the devices to delete, then click Delete Devices.

The devices are moved to the deleted devices list, which you can access by clicking Deleted Devices. In the deleted devices list, you can search for a device by its model name, IMEI/MEID, serial number, mobile number, or tag. You can also sort the list by deletion date, and export deleted device information as a CSV file by clicking Download Devices as CSV.

If you need to start a remote support session for a deleted device, you can select it and click Add to the Device List to move it back to the device list.

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