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Add a device

Last updated December 6th, 2023

Enrolling devices in Knox Manage allows you to configure, monitor, and manage devices, deploy updates, as well as manage certificates and licenses.

Before you add a device, make sure you have:

  • Users created to enroll devices

  • A factory-reset device

  • A separate device with the [Knox Manage] Enroll Your Device email open

    The [Knox Manage] Enroll Your Device email is unique to each user. To learn about how to send the enrollment guide email, see Send the enrollment guide.

To add a device:

  1. Turn on the factory-reset device.

  2. Don’t click Start on the Welcome screen — instead, tap the screen six times. This can be anywhere on the screen, as long as all six taps are around the same place.

    Welcome screen on factory reset device

  3. Scan the QR code from your [Knox Manage] Enroll Your Device email.

  4. On the Connect to Wi-Fi screen, select and connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network. Then, tap Next.

  5. Tap Next again to acknowledge that the newly added device belongs to your organization.

  6. On the Set up your phone screen, read the Samsung Knox Privacy Policy as well as the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then, tap Continue.

  7. The Knox Manage agent launches automatically. On the Sign in with your Samsung Knox Manage Account screen, your user ID should already be filled in. Enter your password, then tap SIGN IN.

    • If you don’t know your user ID, refer to your [Knox Manage] Enroll Your Device email.

    Samsung Knox Manage sign in screen

  8. Read the Privacy Policy and select I agree. Then, tap NEXT.

  9. If Reset password after sign-in was enabled during user creation, change your temporary password. Enter your current password, your new password, and confirm your new password again. Then, tap CHANGE.

  10. On the Google services screen, review and enable or disable the Location and Device maintenance services shown. Then, tap Accept.

  11. On the For your review screen, read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

    (Optional) You can also select Sending of Diagnostic Data if you agree.

  12. To finish setting up your device, tap Agree.

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