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Add ChromeOS apps

Last updated March 26th, 2024

To add a ChromeOS app or extension for use by Chromebooks:

Choose an app or extension type and source

First, choose the type and source of the app or extension:

  1. Go to the Application page, then click Add. The Select Application Type dialog opens.

  2. For Platform, select Chrome OS.

  3. For Type & Source, select Public, and then choose the type and source:

    • Managed Google Play. Add a Managed Google Play app.
    • ID. Add an app or extension hosted on the Chrome Web Store or a custom host.
    • URL. Add a link to a progressive web app or a regular website.

Managed Google Play


Managed Google Play apps for ChromeOS are managed separately from Managed Google Play apps for Android. If you add the same app to both types of devices, you need to approve the app and its permissions for each.

Next, add and configure the Managed Google Play app:

  1. Search for the app by name.

  2. Select the app, click Select, then click OK to grant access authority to the app. The Add Application page opens, and all the fields auto-populate.

  3. Click Save.

The app is added.


Next, add the app:

Field Description
URL (URL method) Enter the URL of the app or extension from the Chrome Web Store.
App or Extension ID (ID method)

Enter the alphabetical ID of the app or extension. To fetch an ID:

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Browse to the app or extension's listing.
  3. The ID is the last segment of the page's URL. For example, the URL for the listing of Google Hangouts is:

    Therefore, its ID is nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd.

  4. Copy the ID from the URL and paste it in the field.
Where to Get the App (ID method)

The host of the app or extension:

  • Chrome Web Store
  • Custom URL. Use a custom host. Enter the address of the host in the URL field.
Description (optional) Enter a description for the app.

After you fill all the required fields, save the app.

Save the app

Lastly, click Save to save the app. The Application page re-opens, where you can see the newly added app on the list.

Once added, you can assign the app to an organization. For more details, see Assign ChromeOS apps.

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