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Knox Manage

Last updated March 25th, 2024

Knox Manage is a powerful cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution designed to manage your Android, iOS, ChromeOS, macOS, or Windows devices.

With more than 300 policies available, you can securely configure, manage, and remotely track all your enterprise devices. For best-in-class device and data protection, we recommend using Samsung Galaxy devices secured by Samsung Knox.

A Galaxy tablet and Galaxy phone side by side.

Knox Manage new console

Knox Manage has a new console that provides the most essential UEM features. This redesigned interface supports fully managed Android devices, and more features and platforms will be added to it as development continues.

For more information about the new console, skip to About the new console.

Who can use this guide?

This guide is for enterprise IT admins who manage a fleet of mobile devices.

Use this guide to get started with Knox Manage. It covers in detail the features you can use to configure and manage your devices.

Try the solution

Bulk enroll devices, define your enterprise groups and profiles, and configure device features and settings. Deploy, update apps, or add them to the allowlist or blocklist. Create simple device kiosks. Learn how now.

Key benefits of using Knox Manage

Knox Manage allows IT admins to efficiently and securely manage a fleet of enterprise devices.

Deploy and enroll multiple users with minimal steps.

  • Set up multiple users intuitively with Bulk Add.
  • Automate installation and enrollment with the MDM service client.
  • Create diverse professional kiosks with Knox Manage.

Control a fleet of devices in real-time with precision.

  • Manage multi-OS devices from the Knox Manage console.
  • Apply specific policies based on pre-defined user event scenarios.
  • Leverage Knox-differentiated features on Samsung devices.

Maintain granular control of mobile devices.

  • A list of OS update versions at your disposal.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain devices remotely.
  • Track device locations in real time.
  • Verify device compliance status in an instance.

For a comprehensive list of features, see the Knox features on Android for Knox Manage.

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