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Utilities in the Kiosk Wizard

Last updated May 8th, 2024

Kiosk components consist of internal apps, public apps, and control apps. Multiple App Kiosks also include utility apps. This section describes these different utility apps.

This section only applies to Multiple App Kiosks.

  • Folder. You can organize apps into directories. Double-click the folder to add, delete, or move apps to it.

  • Banner, Text, Calendar, and Clock. Drag and drop items on the preview screen, and configure details from the pop-up screens.

    The maximum length of a URL for Bookmark, Text, and Banner is 300 characters, including special characters.

    • Add Text screen. You can customize the text component on this screen by adjusting its content, ratio, and style.

      You can also use dynamic lookups — Device Alias, Device Name, User Name, and User ID — for easy identification of kiosks. The lookups are replaced by the real-time kiosk name and ID at runtime.

    • Add Banner screen. You can customize the banner component on this screen by adjusting its ratio, image, and URL.

    • Add Calendar screen. You can customize the calendar component on this screen by adjusting its ratio, widget style, and text color.

    • Add Clock screen. You can customize the clock component by adjusting its widget style, text color, and time format.

  • Bookmark. You can change the bookmark’s icon, name, and URL.

  • Dialer. The Dialer component is the number pad user interface provided in calls.

  • Content. The Content component shares all the files that you’ve added to the kiosk’s profile.

  • For fully managed devices running Android 9 or higher, the viewer apps for the corresponding content must also be added to open the content.
  • For devices running Android 10, users cannot open files downloaded from the Knox Manage agent. Users can’t launch content directly from the Knox Manage agent, and can only view them in the My Files app.

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