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Console audit events

Last updated June 13th, 2024

This page lists event categories and audit events available for the Knox Manage console. The tables provide the audit events grouped under each event category, such as AD/LDAP Sync, Admin activity log, Administrator, and so on.


Event ID Event name
CSYN0055 Delete Sync Task Queue
CSYN0056 Sync Progress Flag Initialization
CSYN0004 Delete Synced Device Information (User/Organization)
CSYN0005 Add Synced Device Information (User/Organization)
CSYN0020 Start single item(user/organization) sync
CSYN0006 Renew Synced Device Information (User/Organization)
CSYN0007 Delete Sync Exception Subject (User/Organization)
CSYN0008 Add Sync Exception Subject (User/Organization)
CSYN0009 Restore Sync Exception Subject (User/Organization)
CSYN0025 Create Log for Sync Entity
CSYN0059 Delete All Synchronized Targets
CSYN0027 Check sync object number
CSYN0021 Start sync test
CSYN0052 Update Sync Flag Settings for Sync Targets
CSYN0053 Delete Sync Exceptions
CSYN0081 Update SCIM Token information
CSYN0048 Update Sync Connection Settings
CSYN0050 Update Sync Mapping Settings
CSYN0049 Update Sync Schedule Settings
CSYN0051 Add Sync Targets
CSYN0083 Search sync target
CSYN0084 Search sync target list
CSYN0089 Search sync target list
CSYN0090 Search sync target list
CSYN0091 Search the list of synchronized targets

Admin activity log

Event ID Event name
CCON0036 The account is blocked for 10 minutes
CCON0035 The account is deleted
CCON0077 Administrator session with duplicate connection expired
CCON0030 Admin User Logged In
CCON0031 Admin User Logged Out
CCON0033 Admin Session Terminated Due To Timeout
CCON0034 Admin User Locked Due To Login Attempt Failed


Event ID Event name
CCON0076 Change administrators activate
CCON0075 Change administrators deactivate
CCON0042 Update Administrator's Status (Activate/Deactivate)
CCON0043 Create Administrator Login Account
CCON0041 Delete Administrator
CCON0074 Delete administrators
CCON0051 Insert Admin Organization
CCON0059 Add Admin Organization(through organization)
CCON0040 Update Administrator Information
CCON0066 Tech. support activation & service period setting
CCON0067 Reset Support Admin password
CCON0044 Modify password after account has been created or password has been reset
CCON0045 Update Password In Administrator Management Page
CCON0122 Result of AMS API Call
CCON0048 Delete Administrator Configuration Information.
CCON0046 Admin Configuration Information Gets Reset When Admin Account Is Created
CCON0047 Update Administrator Configuration Information
CCON0049 Update Administrator Configuration Information (When logging in)
CPLC0114 Profile Manager creates an owned profile
CPLC0115 Unassign a profile assigned to a profile manager
CPLC0116 Deleting a profile created by a profile manager
CPLC0117 Assign a profile to a profile manager
CCON0050 Determine Super Status Of Selected Administrator
CCON0072 Download Export File
CCON0070 Generate Export File
CCON0071 Retry Export File Generation
CCON0063 Modify Public Push
CCON0064 Modify Log Level
CCON0065 Modify Google Account
CCON0125 View Administrator Details
CCON0126 View Administrator List
CCON0127 View My Information
CCON0136 Add Admin Group (Add Groups to Group Sub-Administrators)
CCON0141 Change the Card Layout of the Admin Dashboard (New console)

ADMX Management

Event ID Event name
CAAD0005 Create Necessary Basic Data Using ADMX Files
CAAD0006 Create Necessary Basic Data Using ADML Files
CAAD0007 Create Necessary Basic Data Using DDF Files
CAAD0008 Reorganize the parent category class type
CAAD0009 Enable ADMX Policy
CAAD0010 Disable ADMX Policy


Event ID Event name
CALT0001 Delete Alert Settings Created By Each Admin
CALT0002 Add Alert Settings Created By Each Admin
CALT0003 Update Alert Settings Created By Each Admin
CALT0007 Delete Audit Event For Alerts
CALT0008 Add Audit Event For Alerts
CALT0009 Update Audit Event For Alerts
CALT0004 Update Multiple Audit Events For Alerts
CALT0005 Reset Audit Events For Alerts
CALT0010 Modify Alert Mail Setting

Android Enterprise

Event ID Event name
CDEV0106 Reset to Basic Store Layout
CDEV0041 Android Enterprise Registration
CDEV0042 Android Enterprise Unregistration


Event ID Event name
CAPP0089 Assign App
CAPP0102 Install app to assigned device
CAPP0093 Request Access to Managed Google Play Apps (Group/Organization) (Server → Google)
CAPP0092 Request Access to Managed Google Play Apps (Device) (Server → Google)
CAPP0100 Request the Uninstall App device command in App Deletion
CAPP0099 Request the Uninstall App device command in App Unassignment
CAPP0091 Modify App Settings
CAPP0025 Delete Category
CAPP0094 Delete Category
CAPP0055 Create Category Temporary ID
CAPP0026 Add Category
CAPP0027 Modify Category
CAPP0028 Modify Category Order
CAPP0023 Add Category Multilingual Information
CAPP0024 Update Category Multilingual Information
CAPP0075 Delete Contents File
CAPP0076 Register Contents File
CAPP0078 Modify content files
CAPP0004 Add/Modify Google Account
CAPP0056 Delete Applications Comment
CAPP0005 Enter Multilingual Information When Adding App
CAPP0006 Modify Multilingual Information When Modifying App
CAPP0057 Create Application Download List
CAPP0010 Add Internal App
CAPP0012 Modify Internal App
CAPP0013 Upload Internal App File
CAPP0014 Register Internal App Icon
CAPP0015 Register Internal App Screenshot
CAPP0147 Apply Kiosk Mode to Device
CAPP0048 Delete Kiosk App
CAPP0058 Delete Kiosk App File
CAPP0077 Delete Kiosk Image File Event
CAPP0059 Delete Kiosk App Temporary File
CAPP0060 Create Kiosk App Temporary ID
CAPP0049 Add Kiosk App
CAPP0061 Update Kiosk App
CAPP0050 Register Kiosk App Physical File
CAPP0007 Modify Internal App Status
CAPP0098 Sync Managed Google Play
CAPP0008 Delete Internal App
CAPP0046 Delete Internal App File
CAPP0095 Delete App
CAPP0009 Delete Internal App
CAPP0062 Delete App Temporary File
CAPP0063 Create App Temporary ID
CAPP0011 Modify App (Internal/Public) Category
CAPP0097 App Wrapping failed
CAPP0047 Create System App
CAPP0051 Delete System App
CAPP0052 Add System App
CAPP0104 Bulk Add System Apps
CAPP0053 Modify System App
CAPP0064 Upload System App
CAPP0086 Approve google managed App
CAPP0034 Delete Public App
CAPP0065 Create Public App Temporary ID
CAPP0035 Add Public App
CAPP0096 Add Public App
CAPP0066 Check Google Account Validity
CAPP0054 Public App Sync
CAPP0087 Unapprove google managed App
CAPP0036 Modify Public App
CAPP0016 Delete System App
CAPP0045 Delete System App File
CAPP0068 Delete EMM App Temporary File
CAPP0069 Create EMM App Temporary ID
CAPP0017 Add System App
CAPP0018 Modify System App
CAPP0019 Upload System App File
CAPP0090 Unassign App
CAPP0070 Update App Version
CAPP0071 Update App Version details
CAPP0072 Create Kiosk Wizard App Temporary ID
CAPP0073 Add Kiosk Wizard App
CAPP0074 Update Kiosk Wizard App
CAPP0159 Search VPP Users
CAPP0151 View Application Download Log
CAPP0152 View Application Download Log List
CAPP0149  View Application Review
CAPP0150 View Application Review List
CAPP0153 View Application Score
CAPP0154 View Application Score List
CAPP0148 View Assigned Application List
CAPP0155 View Kiosk device list
CAPP0158 View VPP Assigned Information
CAPP0157 View VPP License 
CAPP0156 View VPP User
CAPP0160 Assign App
CAPP0161 Modify App Settings
CAPP0162 Add Internal App
CAPP0163 Modify Internal App
CAPP0164 Upload Internal App File
CAPP0165 Add Public App
CAPP0166 Modify Public App
CAPP0167 Unassign App
CAPP0168 Update Public App Information (Bulk)
CAPP0171 Delete Public Apps (Unlink Android Enterprise Account)
CAPP0173 Apply Kiosk to Device

Automated Device Enrollment

Event ID Event name
CDEP0018 Assign User
CDEP0016 ADE Assign User
CDEP0011 ADE Device Sync(Console)
CDEP0019 Unassign User
CDEP0017 ADE Unassign User
CDEP0003 Assign default Apple ADE profile
CDEP0001 Create Apple ADE profile
CDEP0002 Define default Apple ADE profile
CDEP0005 Assign Apple ADE Profile to ADE Server
CDEP0004 Define Apple ADE Profile to ADE Server
CDEP0013 Download Public Key
CDEP0012 Upload ADE Server Token
CDEP0024 User Bulk Assignment to ADE Devices
CDEP0025 View ADE Device List


Event ID Event name
CCRT0017 Key Generation Error
CCRT0008 Delete CA Event
CCRT0004 Discard Certificate
CCRT0003 Delete Certificate Profile Template
CCRT0011 Delete ExternalCert Event
CCRT0006 Register CA Event
CCRT0005 Issue Certificate
CCRT0001 Register Certificate Profile Template
CCRT0009 Register ExternalCert Event
CCRT0014 Issue Device Certificate
CCRT0018 Request Issue Device Certificate
CCRT0015 ReIssue Device Certificate
CCRT0019 Request ReIssue Device Certificate
CCRT0016 ReNew Device Certificate
CCRT0020 Request ReNew Device Certificate
CCRT0012 Modify APNS Event
CCRT0007 Modify CA Event
CCRT0002 Modify Certificate Profile Template
CCRT0010 Modify ExternalCert Event
CCRT0013 Modify ExternalCert Event(File)
CCRT0027 Change iOS certificates status of Deleted
CCRT0023 Delete CA Event
CCRT0026 Delete Certificate Profile Template
CCRT0021 Register CA Event
CCRT0030 Register CA Event
CCRT0031 Register CA Event
CCRT0028 Register CA Event
CCRT0024 Register Certificate Profile Template
CCRT0022 Modify CA Event
CCRT0032 Modify CA Event
CCRT0033 Modify CA Event
CCRT0029 Modify CA Event
CCRT0025 Modify Certificate Profile Template
CCRT0034 View Certificate Template SAN


Event ID Event name
CCON0079 Save the Google customer settings (Chrome OS)
CCON0078 Test the Google API connection (Chrome OS)
CCON0092 Bind Managed Google Play for Chrome OS
CCON0106 Unbind Managed Google Play for Chrome OS
CCON0080 Acquire the Access/Refresh tokens (Chrome OS)
CCON0081 Revoke the token and unregister with Google (Chrome OS)
CCON0130 Started creating Chrome OS-Network setting
CCON0132 Started removing Chrome OS-network setting


Event ID Event name
CDEV0067 Delete Keepalive Settings
CDEV0066 Save Keepalive Settings
CDEV0063 Modify Keepalive Settings Basic Information


Event ID Event name
CCNT0011 Add DB Connector Output By XML
CCNT0007 Delete DB Connector
CCNT0008 Add DB Connector
CCNT0009 Add DB Connector Service Field
CCNT0010 Add DB Connector Service Metadata
CCNT0006 Modify DB Connector
CORG0013 Delete Directory Service
CORG0014 Delete Return Data Mapping Information Set In Directory Service
CCNT0051 Delete Directory Service
CORG0015 Save New Directory Service
CORG0016 Add Return Data Mapping Information Set In Directory Service
CORG0017 Renew Existing Directory Service
CCNT0023 Delete FTP Connector
CCNT0025 Delete FTP Connector List
CCNT0024 Add FTP Connector
CCNT0022 Modify FTP Connector
CCNT0021 Delete MQ Connector List
CCNT0020 Delete MQ Connector
CCNT0018 Add MQ Connector
CCNT0019 Modify MQ Connector
CCNT0014 Delete REST Connector
CCNT0012 Add REST Connector
CCNT0013 Modify REST Connector
CORG0009 Delete Role
CORG0007 Add Role
CORG0008 Modify Role
CCNT0005 Delete SAP Connector
CCNT0002 Add SAP Connector
CCNT0003 Add SAP Connector Service Metadata
CCNT0004 Add SAP Connector Service Field
CCNT0001 Modify SAP Connector
CORG0001 Delete Service Group
CORG0002 Add Service Group
CORG0003 Modify Service Group
CCNT0046 Delete Service Management
CCNT0044 Add Service Management
CCNT0045 Modify Service Management
CCNT0047 Modify Service Log Configuration
CCNT0050 Delete Service Management Time
CCNT0048 Add Service Management Time
CCNT0049 Modify Service Management Time
CORG0004 Add Service Role Map
CORG0005 Delete Service Role Map
CORG0006 Update Service Authority
CCNT0017 Delete WS Connector
CCNT0015 Add WS Connector
CCNT0016 Modify WS Connector


Event ID Event name
CMCM0009 Assign Content
CMCM0003 Delete Content
CMCM0001 Upload Content
CMCM0010 Unassign Content
CMCM0002 Modify Content
CMCM0011 View Assigned device list


Event ID Event name
CDEV0093 Deactivate device
CDEV0048 Delete Device
CDEV0049 Download App List
CDEV0050 Download Device List
CDEV0051 Download Location History (GPX)
CDEV0074 Download Knox Mobile Enrollment Device List
CDEV0096 Change License
CDEV0052 Force Unenroll Device
CDEV0076 Add Device
CDEV0053 Configure Phone Numbers for Knox Remote Support
CDEV0094 Reset Device Status
CDEV0105 Deactivate devices within the group
CDEV0054 Refresh Device Status
CDEV0055 Add Device Tag
CDEV0056 Update Device License
CDEV0077 Add Multiple Devices
CDEV0057 Add Multiple Device Tags
CDEV0011 Deactivate device
CDEV0001 Delete Device
CDEV0022 Download App List
CDEV0005 Download Device List
CDEV0040 Download location history (GPX)
CDEV0023 Download Knox Mobile Enrollment Device List
CDEV0002 Register Device
CDEV0013 Send Visitor deactivation code
CDEV0039 Make Phone Numbers for Knox Remote Support
CDEV0043 Offline Unenrollment Code & Exit Kiosk Code
CDEV0038 Parse Phone Numbers for Knox Remote Support
CDEV0006 Reset Device Status
CDEV0028 View Device Location by Dashboard
CDEV0027 View Device License
CDEV0036 View Device Tags
CDEV0024 View Device Location
CDEV0025 View Device Location By User & Group
CDEV0004 Update Device Status
CDEV0037 Add Device Tags
CDEV0026 Update Device License
CDEV0009 Modify Device List
CDEV0035 Add Multiple Device Tags
CDEV0015 Download device log
CDEV0016 Delete device log file
CDEV0017 Download device log file
CDEV0018 Delete device log file
CDEV0019 Modify device log file
CDEV0110 View Device Basic Information 
CDEV0111 View Device Information
CDEV0108 View Device List
CDEV0116 View Device List
CDEV0107 View Device Location
CDEV0112 View Device Location
CDEV0109 View Device Menu List
CDEV0117 View Device Summary
CDEV0118 View Device Telecom Information
CDEV0113 View Device 
CDEV0114 View Shared Device Log
CDEV0115 View Shared Device User List
CDEV0125 View Device Location History
CDEV0126 Check if there is a push token for the device

Device Command

Event ID Event name
CCMD0501 Lock/Unlock/Unenroll (Chrome OS)
CCMD0502 Factory reset/Delete user profile (Chrome OS)
CCMD0676 Kiosk Device Command for Chrome OS
CCMD0503 Unenroll and factory reset (Chrome OS)
CPLC0001 Try to Send Device Command To Multiple Devices in Device Command Popup
CPLC0002 Try to Send Device Command To Single Device in Device Command Popup
CPLC0003 Try to Send Device Command To Own Device in User Portal
CCMD0450 Try to Send Device Command To Single Device in Device Detail Menu
CDEV0007 Try to Send Device Command To Multiple Devices in User & Organization or Group Menu
CDEV0014 Try to send "update visitor profile" device command
CCMD0391 Delete google managed Application
CCMD0392 Install google managed Application
CCMD0729 Disable Activation Lock

Directory Integration

Event ID Event name
CCNT0032 Delete DB Connection
CCNT0033 Delete DB Connection List
CCNT0030 Add DB Connection
CCNT0034 Test DB Status
CCNT0035 Test Every DB Status
CCNT0031 Modify DB Connection
CORG0010 Delete Directory Connection Information
CORG0011 Save New Directory Connection Information
CORG0012 Renew Existing Directory Connection Information
CCNT0041 Delete FTP Connection
CCNT0043 Delete FTP Connection List
CCNT0042 Add FTP Connection
CCNT0040 Modify FTP Connection
CCNT0029 Delete JCO Pool
CCNT0027 Add JCO Pool
CCNT0026 Reset JCO Pool
CCNT0028 Modify JCO Pool
CCNT0039 Delete MQ Connection List
CCNT0038 Delete MQ Connection
CCNT0036 Add MQ Connection
CCNT0037 Modify MQ Connection


Event ID Event name
CEFO0024 Add all to E-FOTA device list
CEFO0005 Create E-FOTA Group
CEFO0031 Remove from E-FOTA device list
CEFO0006 Delete E-FOTA Group
CEFO0033 Delete E-FOTA License
CEFO0013 Check E-FOTA group existence
CEFO0018 Valid E-FOTA license check
CEFO0020 View the app update status per device
CEFO0021 View the number of app updates status per device
CEFO0027 View E-FOTA license expiration date
CEFO0015 Get License Information
CEFO0016 Get License Information (Config)
CEFO0030 Add to E-FOTA device list
CEFO0007 Register CorpID
CEFO0025 Remove all from E-FOTA device list
CEFO0037 Resend update E-FOTA firmware version Device command
CEFO0026 Initialize the device assignment list
CEFO0008 Restrict Firmware
CEFO0028 Update E-FOTA group list
CEFO0017 Update E-FOTA configurations
CEFO0029 Save E-FOTA device list
CEFO0009 Update E-FOTA Group
CEFO0019 Update E-FOTA license


Event ID Event name
CACS0026 Send Enrollment Email/SMS
CACS0006 Send Mail To User
CACS0007 Update SMTP Settings
CACS0008 Add Mail Template
CACS0009 Delete Mail Template
CACS0010 Modify Mail Template
DSCH0003 Delete Report Schedule
DSCH0001 Add Report Schedule
DSCH0002 Modify Report Schedule
CSCH0007 View Email Recipients
CSCH0008 View Mailing Settings
CSCH0009 View Mailing Settings List
CSCH0010 Sent an Enrollment Guide Email to Members in the Group
CSCH0011 Download QR Code Image


Event ID Event name
CCON0119 Add Enrollment Token (Device Group)
CCON0114 Save Wear OS Enrollment Token (Knox Mobile Enrollment Profile)
CCON0120 Delete Enrollment Token (Device Group)
CCON0115 Delete Wear OS Enrollment Token (Knox Mobile Enrollment Profile)
CCON0118 Download Wear OS Enrollment Token to PDF
CCON0123 Update Enrollment Token Name (Device Group)
CCON0121 Renew Enrollment Token (Device Group)
CCON0116 Update Wear OS Enrollment Token (Knox Mobile Enrollment Profile)

Google sync

Event ID Event name
CSYN0061 Sync the Google resource (users organizations devices) (Chrome OS)


Event ID Event name
CORG0018 Delete Group Components (Device/User)
CORG0019 Add Group Components (Device/User)
CORG0020 Manually Delete Device/User From Group
CORG0021 Manually Add Device/User From Group
CORG0022 Delete Selected Group Filter Information
CORG0023 Add Selected Group Filter Information
CORG0024 Delete Selected Group Filter Information
CORG0025 Add Selected Group Filter Information
CORG0026 Delete Existing Group
CORG0027 Add New Group
CORG0028 Update Existing Group Information
CORG0029 Send Device Command To Group Members
CORG0039 Update Group Name
CORG0036 Execute synchronization
CORG0030 Delete Device Group Component (Device/User)
CORG0031 Add Device Group Component (Device/User)
CDEV0119 Search for group members
CDEV0120 Search for sync group members
CDEV0123 Copy Group

Identity & Directory

Event ID Event name
CSYN001 Delete Existing Connection Settings
CSYN002 Add New Connection Settings
CSYN003 Renew Existing Connection Settings
CSYN0057 Create Directory Entry
CSYN0058 Delete Directory Entry
CSYN0030 Delete External Connection
CSYN0028 Add External Connection
CSYN0031 Change External Connection Status
CSYN0029 Modify External Connection
CSYN0026 Create Log for Connection
CSYN0012 Change Connection Scheduled Status
CSYN0013 Delete Existing Multiple Connections
CSYN0014 Delete Existing Connection
CSYN0015 Delete Existing Connection Mapping Information
CSYN0022 Delete Existing Connection
CSYN0054 Delete Connections
CSYN0016 Add New Connection
CSYN0017 Add New Connection Mapping Information
CSYN0023 Add New Connection
CSYN0060 Initial Execution of the Connection
CSYN0018 Run Connection
CSYN0019 Modify Connection
CSYN0024 Modify Connection
CSYN0082 Convert Directory Entry to Knox Manage Entry
CSYN0087 Convert Directory Entry to Knox Manage Entry
CSYN0085 Search Recent History
CSYN0086 Search History by Period
CSYN0092 Add Custom Connection Authentication Target
CSYN0093 Delete Custom Connection Authentication Target
CSYN0094 Reset Authentication Connection (Global Settings)
CAAD0001 Create MS Entra ID integration settings
CAAD0003 Delete MS Entra ID integration settings
CAAD0002 Update MS Entra ID integration settings
CAAD0004 Change Existing MS Entra ID Settings to Common Settings

Knox Asset Intelligence

Event ID Event name
CCON0142 Create Knox Asset Intelligence Setting
CCON0143 Delete Knox Asset Intelligence Setting
CCON0144 Apply Knox Asset Intelligence Setting


Event ID Event name
CADT0002 Device Audit Log Download
CADT0012 Download device diagnosis
CADT0001 Download Audit Event
CADT0008 Modify Audit Use
CADT0004 Download Audit Log
CADT0006 Modify Audit Configuration
CADT0015 Delete Audit Storage
CADT0013 Add Audit Storage
CADT0014 Revision Audit Storage
CADT0020 View Audit Log
CADT0021 View Message Details
CADT0022 View Activity Log (New console)
CADT0023 Download Activity Log (New console)
CADT0024 Search Audit Log


Event ID Event name
CAPP0029 Delete Notice
CAPP0030 Add Notice
CAPP0031 Modify Notice
CAPP0032 Add Notice Multilingual Information
CAPP0033 Modify Notice Multilingual Information


Event ID Event name
CORG0032 Delete Existing Organization
CORG0037 Delete Existing Organizations
CORG0038 Change License (Organization)
CORG0033 Add Organization Into Organization Chart
CORG0034 Update Existing Organization Information
CORG0035 Renew Group Member's Organization Information
CORG0040 View Organization Administrator


Event ID Event name
CPLC0162 Upload Policy File for Chrome OS
CPLC0163 Sync App feedback for Android Management API
CPLC0149 View the Chrome Policy of an organization
CPLC0150 Change the Chrome Policy of an organization
CPLC0151 Created an enterprise file from the content provided by the users to set up the Chrome Policy
CPLC0031 Create Application Management Profile
CPLC0109 Copy Application Management Profile
CPLC0032 Delete Application Management Profile
CPLC0067 Request a retransmission handling of Command Transmission Queue
CPLC0143 Save Draft Settings
CPLC0004 Save General Settings
CPLC0047 Select the profile setting in the Pool
CPLC0005 Save Knox Settings
CPLC0048 Select the Knox setting in the Pool
CPLC0110 Delete Android Enterprise Configuration
CPLC0144 Delete Draft Settings
CPLC0006 Delete General Settings
CPLC0007 Delete Knox Settings
CPLC0111 Save Android Enterprise Configuration
CPLC0049 Upload file
CPLC0126 Create Device Management Profile
CPLC0133 Assign Device Management Profile
CPLC0127 Create Device Management Profile (Clone Profile)
CPLC0125 Delete Device Management Profile
CPLC0139 Save Device Management Profile Policy
CPLC0134 Unassign Device Management Profile
CPLC0128 Modify Device Management Profile
CPLC0130 Change Device Management Profile Priority
CPLC0008 Create Knox
CPLC0050 Create Knox Container pool
CPLC0009 Delete Knox
CPLC0051 Delete Knox Container pool
CPLC0036 Modify Knox Container Information
CPLC0112 Save Android Enterprise policy
CPLC0164 Save Android Management API policy
CPLC0145 Save Samsung Knox policy
CPLC0010 Save Client App Control Policy
CPLC0118 Save the policy for Multi Client App Control
CPLC0011 Save Client Browser Policy
CPLC0056 Create policy of Knox portal
CPLC0012 Save Client Policy
CPLC0069 Save Policy
CPLC0013 Save General Policy
CPLC0057 Create general policy of Windows
CPLC0014 Save Knox Policy
CPLC0096 Save Profile policy
CPLC0058 Select the policy in the Pool
CPLC0113 Save Android Enterprise Event policy
CPLC0015 Save Trigger General Policy
CPLC0059 Create the Windows Event Policy
CPLC0016 Save Trigger Knox Policy
CPLC0165 Upload Wear Contact Info
CPLC0017 Delete Client App Control Policy
CPLC0147 Save KNOX Settings
CPLC0148 Save Staging & Shared Device Setting
CPLC0107 Uninstall Google managed app (send Device command)
CPLC0106 Install Google managed app (send Device command)
CPLC0105 View installed Google managed apps on device
CPLC0093 Request to send Profile Update device command
CPLC0018 Allocate EMM Profile To Group
CPLC0039 Save Group Mapping Info of Profile
CPLC0019 Allocate EMM Profile To Organization
CPLC0040 Save Organization Mapping Information of Profile
CPLC0020 Create EMM Agent Profile
CPLC0108 Copy Device Management Profile
CPLC0021 Delete EMM Agent Profile
CPLC0041 Export Device Management Profile
CPLC0042 Import Device Management Profile
CPLC0043 Modify Device Management Profile
CPLC0065 Modify KNOX Container Info
CPLC0097 Save profile update schedule
CPLC0068 Delete Device Command in Queue
CPLC0066 Select the Event policy in the Pool
CPLC0044 Modify Event Priority
CPLC0022 Create Trigger
CPLC0023 Save Trigger KNOX Policy
CPLC0045 Modify Event Info
CPLC0046 Modify Event Priority
CPLC0173 Create New Device Management Profile (New console)
CPLC0174 Create New Policy (New console)
CPLC0175 Delete Policy (New console)


Event ID Event name
CCON0023 Modify Dashboard Main Page
CCON0022 Modify Dashboard Status
CCON0021 Delete Dashboard
CCON0058 Initiate dashboard main page
CCON0019 Add Dashboard
CCON0020 Modify Dashboard
CCON0003 Delete Report Condition
CCON0001 Add Report Condition
CCON0002 Modify Report Condition
CCON0008 Delete Report Query
CCON0005 Delete Report Query Fields
CCON0006 Add Report Query
CCON0004 Add Report Query Fields
CCON0007 Modify Report Query
CCON0012 Modify Report Status
CCON0011 Delete Report Condition
CCON0016 Delete Report
CCON0014 Download Report Chart
CCON0013 Download Report Result
CCON0009 Add Report Condition
CCON0015 Add Report Condition
CCON0017 Add Report
CCON0010 Modify Report Condition
CCON0018 Modify Report
CCON0128 View Report


Event ID Event name
CCON0113 Save User Cookie Settings Information
CAPP0080 Cloud Connector Confirm Request
CAPP0079 Cloud Connector Create Request
CAPP0081 Cloud Connector Delete Request
CDAT0009 Delete Reference Data
CDAT0007 Add Reference Data
CDAT0008 Modify Reference Data
CACS0011 Activate API User
CACS0012 Deactivate API User
CACS0013 Delete API User
CDEV0095 Delete API Users
CACS0014 Add API User
CACS0015 Invalidate API User Tokens
CACS0016 Modify API User
CAPP0082 APNs Certificate Singing Request Download
CAPP0084 APNs Certificate Download
CAPP0085 APNs Certificate Import
CAPP0083 APNs Certificate Upload
CDEV0075 Change APK Download URL in QR Code
CDEV0031 Create Limited Enrollment
CDEV0032 Delete Limited Enrollment
CDEV0033 Update Limited Enrollment(Condition)
CDEV0034 Upload IMEI file
CDEV0071 Delete Knox Manage Agent Policy
CDEV0062 Delete Profile Update Settings
CDEV0070 Save Knox Manage Agent Policy
CDEV0061 Save Profile Update Settings
CDEV0058 Modify Profile Update Settings Basic Info
CCON0069 Generate Android Enterprise Signing URL
CAUT0004 Modify Authentication Setting
CPRV0003 Modify End-User License Agreement
CCON0060 Modify Server Configuration
CCON0052 Modify Server Configuration
CCON0053 Modify Login/Header Image
CCON0068 Modify Server Configuration(Single)
CCON0054 Modify Logo/Notification Text
CCON0129 View Limited Enrollment List
CCON0148 Request Cloud Connector Token
CCON0149 Generate Cloud Connector Token
CCON0150 Revoke Cloud Connector Token


Event ID Event name
CCON0112 Update Device Alias
CKCS0001 Knox cloud services API Call
CMSP0007 Changed Customer Acess Type (Full Access)
CMSP0003 Delink requested is approved on Knox Manage
CMSP0012 Delink requested is approved on AMS
CMSP0004 Delink requested is rejected on Knox Manage
CMSP0013 Delink requested is rejected on AMS
CMSP0006 Delink Requested
CMSP0001 Migration requested is approved on Knox Manage
CMSP0010 Migration requested is approved on AMS
CMSP0002 Migration requested is rejected on Knox Manage
CMSP0011 Migration requested is rejected on AMS
CMSP0005 Migration Requested
CMSP0008 Knox Suite License generation from Knox Portal
CMSP0009 Knox Suite License updated from Knox Portal
CACS0023 Send SMS To User


Event ID Event name
CAUT0002 Delete User Authority
CAUT0003 Create User Authority
CAUT0001 Modify User Authority
CUSR0013 Activate User
CUSR0012 Confirm User Password
CUSR0008 Add User
CUSR0034 Create users
CUSR0006 Deactivate User
CUSR0035 Initialize user password
CUSR0007 Delete User
CUSR0037 Delete multiple users
CUSR0010 Reset Password (By User)
CUSR0009 Modify User Information
CUSR0011 Reset Password (By Admin)
CUSR0014 Upload Excel Regarding User/Device Information
CUSR0001 Delete User Device Bookmark
CUSR0002 Insert User Device Bookmark
CUSR0003 Insert User Device Bookmark
CUSR0004 Modify User Device Bookmark
CUSR0005 Modify User Device Bookmark
CUSR0036 Create synchronized users
CUSR0038 Change License (User)
CUSR0055 Search for sync target user
CUSR0056 Search for sync target users
CUSR0049 Search User Device Information
CUSR0050 Search User Device Information 
CUSR0052 Search User Device Tags Information
CUSR0047 Search User Information
CUSR0046 View User Basic Information
CUSR0045 View User Detail
CUSR0051  View User Device Tags Information
CUSR0053 View User Preference
CUSR0054 View User Preference List 
CUSR0015 Send Device Command To User
CUSR0057 User Tag Creation Information
CUSR0058 Upload Users and Tags via Excel File (New console)
CUSR0059 Add Multiple Users to Multiple Groups
CUSR0060 Deleting User Tags While Uploading via Excel

Volume Purchase Program

Event ID Event name
CVPP0013 Grant the license by user ID
CVPP0015 Add VPP App
CVPP0002 Assign or withdraw VPP Application-specific licenses to users.
CVPP0014 Retrieve the license by user ID
CVPP0003 View VPP Application on the Apple webpage and update the number of licenses per app.
CVPP0004 Upload the VPP Redemption xls (xlsx) file downloaded from Apple webpage.
CVPP0020 Remove VPP Token
CVPP0001 Upload VPP token information downloaded from Apple webpage.
CVPP0006 Register the user on the Apple webpage and send invitation mail.
CVPP0007 Register the user on the Apple webpage.
CVPP0008 Remove and retire the VPP user from the Apple webpage.
CVPP0005 Access the Apple webpage and update the VPP user information.


Event ID Event name
CWIN0001 Delete Configuration Service Provider
CWIN0002 Add Configuration Service Provider
CWIN0003 Modify Configuration Service Provider
CWIN0004 Delete PPKG File
CWIN0005 Add PPKG File
CWIN0006 Modify PPKG File
CWIN0009 Upload the Windows device information via CSV
CWIN0008 Assign the Windows bulk device users
CWIN0007 Update the Windows Bulk Enrollment settings

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