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Send the enrollment guide

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

The Knox Manage enrollment guide contains brief instructions and a personalized QR code to enroll devices. Before sending the enrollment guide, you need existing users or groups. To make a new user, see Create a user. To make a new group, see Add a user group.

To send the enrollment guide to users:

  1. Go to Users.

    • Alternatively, you can go to Groups and follow the same steps to send the enrollment guide to a group of users.

      For more information about adding users to groups, see Add a user group.

  2. Select the users with devices to add.

    To narrow down the list of users, enter a full user name, user ID, or user group and click SEARCH. Searching by a full user name is case-sensitive.

  3. Click ACTIONS > Send enrollment guide.

    Send enrollment guide action on the Users page

  4. The Send enrollment guide dialog displays. Click CONFIRM to email an enrollment guide to the selected users.

The selected users should receive an email titled [Knox Manage] Enroll Your Device with enrollment instructions.

For detailed instructions about enrolling devices in Knox Manage, see Add a device.

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