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Deploy Knox Asset Intelligence

Last updated January 23rd, 2024

With Knox Asset Intelligence, you can monitor your fleet of devices and analyze their apps, battery, network, and location data. You can use the insights to diagnose and troubleshoot your devices.

You can deploy Knox Asset Intelligence to devices enrolled with Knox Manage to take advantage of the Knox Asset Intelligence features.

To deploy Knox Asset Intelligence on devices using Knox Manage:

  1. Ensure that the devices are already registered in Knox Asset Intelligence. For more information, see Get started with Knox Asset Intelligence.

  2. On the Knox Manage console, go to Setting > Android > Knox Asset Intelligence.

  3. Enable Use Knox Asset Intelligence.

  4. Specify a Target Type:

    • Select Global Setting to deploy Knox Asset Intelligence to all devices.

    • Select Set by Group / Organization to deploy Knox Asset Intelligence to a group or organization.

  5. For App Permission, choose how the Knox Asset Intelligence agent obtains permissions on the devices:

    • Select User consent to let the device user choose whether to allow location and notification permissions. On first use, the agent will prompt the user.

    • Select Grant to automatically enable location tracking and notifications on fully managed devices. For devices with a work profile, permissions aren’t automatically granted and the device user’s consent is still required.

  6. Enter a Knox Asset Intelligence Group ID to group the devices in Knox Asset Intelligence. You can click Lookup to insert a lookup code, which is a reference to a property in your tenant.

  7. In the Group / Organization field, click Select to open the Select Group / Organization page. Then, select the group or organization for which to deploy the Knox Asset Intelligence agent.

    This option is available only if you set the target type to Set by Group / Organization.

  8. Click Save & Apply and confirm to push the settings to devices.

After enrollment, the Knox Asset Intelligence agent is automatically installed and launches on your devices.

  • If you selected Grant and the device is fully managed, no user consent is required for tracking location and displaying notifications.

  • In you selected User consent or Grant and the device has a work profile, a pop-up is displayed to device users and they must provide consent for tracking location and displaying notifications.

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