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Assign Windows apps

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Windows apps have different assignment options depending on whether they’re internal or public. With internal apps, you can choose to have the Knox Manage agent install them to devices automatically, and you can select which user accounts to install it to. Public apps can only be manually installed by the device user on their own user account.

To assign a Windows app:

  1. Start the assignment process:

    • If you are in the process of adding an app on the Add Application page, click Add and Assign.
    • If the app is already assigned, on the Application page, select one or more Windows apps, then click Assign.

    The Assign Application page opens.

  2. Assign the app:

    • Installation Type (internal apps):

      Public apps can only be manually installed by the device user.

      • Manual — Device users can manually install the app.

      • Automatic — The app installs automatically. After intallation, device users are also allowed to manually remove the application.

    • Installation Context (internal apps) — Choose which user account to install the app on:

      • All Users — Install the apps for all user accounts on the device.

      • Current User — Install the apps for the currently signed in user account on the device.

    • Choose the targets of the app assignment:

      1. Target Type — Choose to assign the apps to a group or an organization.
      2. Search for and choose one or more targets.
  3. Click Assign. The apps assign to the chosen groups or organizations. If the apps are internal and set to install automatically, they begin installing on the devices belonging to the groups or organizations.

To view an app’s assignments, go to the Application page and select the app to see its details. On the Application Details page, the Assigned Group/Organization tab lists all of the app’s assignments.

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