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Device connection statuses

Last updated March 21st, 2023

Each device can have any of the following connection statuses:

  • Enrolled — The device is communicating with the Knox Manage server. That is, the Knox Manage agent is reporting to the server regularly and when triggered by an event.

  • Disconnected — The device is disconnected from the Knox Manage server. The Knox Manage agent has not reported to the server for longer than the configured keepalive expiration.

  • Unenrolled — The device is not enrolled and is not under Knox Manage control.

  • Provisioning — The devices are in the process of being registered in the Knox Manage server and once the process is complete, the status changes to Enrolled.

  • Expired — The license registered on the device has expired. With this status, the device only responds to select device commands, such as for updating or upgrading the license.

How connection status is evaluated

When a device is enrolled in Knox Manage, the server maintains information on when it was last able to communicate with that device. That time is recorded as the device’s Last Seen property. The Last Seen property is updated each time any of the following events occur:

  • The Knox Manage agent reports to the server. By default, the agent automatically sends a keepalive message to the server every 6 hours.

  • The device user launches the Knox Manage agent on the device, which causes the agent to report to the server.

  • Do any of the following:

    • Execute an update to a profile assigned to the device. This option causes the Last Seen property to be updated immediately.
    • Set up Profile Update Schedule in Setting > Configuration > Profile Update Schedule. This option updates the Last Seen property based on the schedule you set.
    • Set up the Device Location Collection policy in an Android Enterprise or Android Legacy profile that is assigned to the device. This option updates the Last Seen property based on the Time Between Location Collection you set.

The device’s Last Seen property directly affects its connection status in the Knox Manage admin portal. If the server has not seen the device for longer than the keepalive expiration, it changes the device’s status from Enrolled to Disconnected.

For information on how to configure the keepalive settings, see Configure the Keepalive settings.

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