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Knox Manage frequently asked questions

Last updated March 25th, 2024

Knox Manage is a powerful and flexible cross-platform EMM solution optimized for Samsung devices and services. You can maximize productivity with its seamless enrollment process, sophisticated control and maintenance features, and user-friendly experience. Knox Manage provides powerful management capability backed by Samsung Knox hardware features, such as a remote access tool for easy troubleshooting, and various event-based policy enforcements to tightly address complex requirements for device deployment. It also allows you to unleash your company devices so you can do more in the office, in the field, or anywhere else. Industry-recognized and fully synced with other Samsung services, Knox Manage enables end-to-end customer support that covers devices, OSs, and apps.

To use Knox Manage, you need a computer running Windows with a supported web browser, devices to manage, and a Knox Manage license. Contact your local reseller to purchase a Knox Manage license.

Yes. You can try the full feature set of Knox Manage for free. During the trial you can set up your Knox Manage tenant, configure devices and apps with profiles, and push the profiles to devices. The trial license is valid for 90 days and supports up to 30 concurrent devices.

After your trial license expires, you can obtain a retail or another trial Knox Suite license.

Yes. Settings and data are bound to the tenant that you created during your free trial, and will carry over to your new tenant when you upgrade to a paid subscription. To upgrade your trial license, you must replace your trial license with the license key you purchased, which is a task performed on the Knox Admin Portal. For instructions about this process, consult Manage Knox licenses in the Knox Admin Portal guide.

Knox Manage supports multiple platforms — Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and ChromeOS. For a complete list of compatible versions across operating systems, consult the Minimum requirements of Knox Manage and the Knox cloud services support policy.

In the course of operating Knox Manage, some information about the device user is accessible by the IT admin. The extent of accessible data varies depending on the management requirements of your enterprise and the organizations therein, but it generally includes user contact information, such as their name, email address, and phone number (used for the enrollment code delivery), and device identifiers, such the IMEI, firmware version, and so on.

Samsung does not read or transfer personal data stored on the Knox Manage servers (located in the US, EU, and Asia) and Knox Manage-enabled devices. To learn more about what data is collected and how it is processed by Knox services, please visit the Samsung Knox Privacy Policy and select the privacy policy in your language and region.

For contingencies where a device is reported lost or stolen, or if a user leaves the company, Knox Manage provides the ability to remotely erase data on a device. Depending on the platform and management mode of the device, the wipe can erase the user’s data as well.

Knox Manage can unlock a device depending on its platform and management mode. The console provides IT admins with the ability to send commands to a device that control its lock or sign-in screen. For example, when handling a lost or stolen Android device that is fully managed, the IT admin can reset the lock with one command, and then lock the device with another.

Depending on your current license consumption count, you may have to purchase more licenses to bring more devices under your management. Contact your reseller to increase the number of valid licenses available to you. Any additional license counts you purchase will be immediately valid in your Knox Manage tenant.

Yes. Your MSP can operate the Knox MSP Portal to act as your proxy for Knox Manage. An MSP can also migrate existing standalone Knox Manage tenants to the Knox MSP Portal.

Samsung Knox has successfully met the rigorous security requirements set by governments, security firms, and major enterprises around the world, providing business users with a robust mobile security solution. Knox Manage has received SOC 2 certification, which proves a client’s data is protected and kept private from unauthorized users. Additionally, Knox Manage is listed as both Android Enterprise Recommended and Chrome Enterprise Recommended in Google’s B2B validation programs.

Knox Manage is intended for IT admins of enterprises of any size in diverse business settings across industries and sectors. It helps you ensure that all device users in your enterprise, whether they are in the office or in the field, can work anytime, anywhere. IT admins can troubleshoot on-site devices with a remote support tool, trace device locations, and set event-based policies to optimize your teams’ workflows.

Samsung has been named as a Leader and Major Player in the IDC MarketScape Unified Endpoint Management Software 2022 Vendor Assessment1 report. Knox Manage stands out from other UEM solutions by providing an all-in-one management console and features such as flexible event-based management, content pushes, device location tracking, and more. Knox Manage also satisfies many EMM requirements, including not just basic feature requirements but also more than three advanced requirements, such as Work Profile Management, Full Device Management, and Dedicated Device Management. Furthermore, as a device manufacturer, Samsung can provide all-in-one technical support for devices, platforms, and Knox Manage.

1 As a Leader in the 2022 MarketScape worldwide UEM software for ruggedized/IoT device deployments and for SMBs assessment, and as a Major Player in the 2022 IDC MarketScape worldwide UEM software assessment.

Samsung is committed to safely handling customer information acquired from its business practices, and meets all data storage and handling requirements stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Samsung ensures that data collection is restricted to only that which is necessary for the basic operation of its services. Samsung cloud services, including Knox Manage, have SOC 2 certification, so you can rest assured that they are secure, reliable and run smoothly. If you want to learn more, please read GDPR and Samsung B2B services.

Knox Manage doesn’t support data migration from other EMMs.

You can opt to implement the Knox Service Plugin with your current EMM to enable various up-to-date Knox features. For details, refer to the Knox Service Plugin guide.

No. Knox Manage cannot pass single sign-on credentials to external sites.

Yes, you can create a Knox Manage admin through the Knox Admin Portal. Admins created through the Knox Admin Portal appear in the Knox Manage console with the format: CustomerID_Email_Domain

For example:

Admins created through the Knox Admin Portal have the Read Only admin role. Their admin role can be modified directly through the Knox Manage console.

Yes, Knox Manage provides support for multiple super admins.

When viewing the consolidated list of admins on the Knox Admin Portal, all Knox Manage super admins appear as sub-admins.

Once a commercial license is registered to a tenant, it can’t be added to other tenants. Managed service providers are an exception, as they can add single licenses to multiple tenants from the Knox MSP Portal.

It’s not possible to change the name of an existing Knox Manage tenant. However, you can submit a request to delete your tenant and create a new one with a new name. Before submitting this request, please back up all important business data and information in your tenant, as this action will remove all data in it.

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