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Set up an Android Management API kiosk

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Kiosks are dedicated devices used for specific purposes, such as public displays and visitor sign-in screens. Similar to other managed devices, you can configure policies, send commands, and deploy apps to a kiosk.

Knox Manage 23.03 and higher supports kiosks on Android Enterprise’s Android Management API (AMAPI) platform. For other supported platforms, see About kiosk mode.

Consider the following while creating AMAPI kiosks:

  • Like with the Android Enterprise platform, AMAPI kiosks support both Single-app and Multi-app modes.
  • The apps are managed only through Managed Google Play.
  • Limited customization options are available for the kiosk interface. You can disable only a few UI elements, such as the status and navigation bars.
  • The Kiosk Wizard isn’t available for creating AMAPI kiosk profiles. You can’t customize home screen elements, such as app shortcuts, folders, widgets, the favorite apps, and the wallpaper.

Creating kiosks from Android Management API profiles

In Single-app mode, AMAPI kiosks run a single app that device users can’t close. In multi-app mode, the kiosk runs a specific set of apps that you specify.

To create an AMAPI kiosk:

  1. Create a profile for the Android Enterprise - Android Management API platform.
  2. For the created profile, set a policy that specifies the apps available on the kiosk.
  3. Assign and apply the profile to a target group or organization.

For detailed information about how to create AMAPI kiosks, see Configure a Kiosk in a Profile.

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