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Create a kiosk using the Kiosk Wizard

Last updated May 8th, 2024

This section describes how to create a kiosk using the Kiosk Wizard.

You can also configure the Kiosk by setting a policy in the profile. For more information, see Install a Kiosk application using a profile.

To launch the Kiosk Wizard and create a new Multiple App Kiosk, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Kiosk.
  2. Click Add and select the type of kiosk you want to create.
  3. On the Add Kiosk page, enter the information for each of the appropriate Kiosk Wizard Menu Items.
  4. Configure the Kiosk launcher using Kiosk Wizard in Add Kiosk window.
    • If you want to add a control app, click Add¬†Control Application, and enter the required details.
    • For details about each Kiosk Wizard component, see Exploring Kiosk Wizard.
  5. Click Save to generate an APK file.

Upon installation of Kiosk launchers — both single and multi-kiosk modes — Knox Manage automatically grants call and SMS permissions to devices. Device users can then optionally choose to grant or deny additional permissions, such as notification permissions for multi-Kiosk devices, or Window overlay permission for single kiosk devices. You can choose to show the permission notification only when the Kiosk Launcher app is running. The device user can choose to close the notification without granting any permissions to the app.

For kiosk apps built prior to Knox Manage 23.12, launching the app on a kiosk device running Android 14 or higher displays a notification to update the app. To avoid the notification, rebuild the app using Knox Manage 24.04 and deploy it again.

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