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View the application list

Last updated June 26th, 2024

Navigate to Application to view all the applications on the Application page. You can also perform specific functions for the selected applications on the list.

On the application list, the personalized settings of the columns are saved. The saved settings are retained before you delete the web browser’s cookies. You can also return the column settings to their default settings by clicking Revert Column Settings.

Name Description
Search field Search for a desired application.
Function buttons Add Add a public or internal application to the list. For more information, see Add apps.
Sync VPP Synchronize the VPP application data from the VPP website if you purchased the applications through managed distribution. For more information, see Adding VPP applications (managed distribution).
Upload Redemption Code Upload the redeemable codes of the VPP applications if you purchased the applications through redeemable codes from the VPP website. For more information, see Adding VPP applications (redeemable codes).
Assign Assign and apply the selected applications to group/organizations. For more information, see Assign applications.

Update the selected applications manually.

Android apps from Managed Google Play and iOS apps from the App Store are automatically updated once every 24 hours after you sign-in to the Knox Manage console.

Modify Modify the selected application details. For more information, see Modify applications.

Delete the selected applications.

Consider the following conditions when deleting an application deleted from the device:

  • When the selected application is configured to uninstall upon unassignment.
  • When you set the Manage Deletion option as Console + Device from Setting > Configuration > Basic Configuration > App & Service Desk.

Modify Private & Web App Change the details of a Managed Google Play private or web app. For more information, see Add apps using Managed Google Play.
Manage Category Add a new application category, or delete or modify the existing categories. You can also change the category order. For more information, see Manage application categories.
Revert Column Settings Resets the column settings to the default settings.
Application list View the brief information of the applications on the list.

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