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Basic message templates

Last updated December 6th, 2023

The basic message templates are as follows:

Template type Message type Template name
Email Agent Installation Email_Agent Installation
Administrator Authentication Email_Admin OTP
Administrator Account Information Email_Admin ID
Administrator Temporary Password Email_Admin Temporary Password
User Temporary Password Email_User Password Reset
Apple VPP Email_Apple VPP Invite: The email template for inviting VPP users
Email_Apple VPP Redeem: The email template for installing purchased VPP applications through redeemable codes
SMS Agent Installation
  • User Credential
  • Public Store Address
  • Direct Installation
  • KME Activation Address
Administrator Authentication Admin OTP SMS
Administrator Temporary Password Admin Temporary Password


The language in which the predefined emails and SMS are sent depends on the country code defined in the Basic configuration setting in the Knox Manage console. You can send the invitations in Korean, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish for the respective country codes. For all other country codes, the default language is English.

Additionally, the subject and content language of invitations listed at History > Email & SMS History is also based on the country code set in the Knox Manage console.

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