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View the activity log

Last updated September 6th, 2023

To access the activity log, on the left navigation pane, click Activity Log. You can choose to see the events for a certain time range, search for a specific event, or download the list as a CSV file. You can also filter the list by date or category.

The activity log provides a record of all events related to Knox Remote Support, such as:

  • Admin sign-ins, as well as whether they signed in through Knox Manage, the Knox Admin Portal, or the Knox MSP portal
  • New session creations, including the access code
  • Remote support connections
  • Remote support disconnections
  • Changes to transfer quality, including the value the quality was changed to
  • Trial and commercial license additions
  • License modifications, including what was changed
  • License replacements, including the old and new license keys
  • License deletions
  • Device activations and deactivations, along with the associated license key
  • Remote session events on the device, including the access code
  • (Knox Admin Portal only) Device additions, re-additions, and deletions
  • (Knox Admin Portal only) Secret Key creations

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