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Check the locations of devices

Last updated July 26th, 2023

You can check the locations of the selected devices. Only the devices that have the location policy applied can be tracked.


You can only check a device’s location if location data was collected at least once.


In order to track the location of Android 11 and 12 devices, the device user must grant the Knox Manage agent location access. This affects devices with the following deployment types:

  • Employee-owned devices with a Work Profile
  • Shared devices with a secondary account

You should inform users with these devices to allow the following access settings:

  • Android 11:
    1. When the Knox Manage agent requests location access, the user must select While using this app.
    2. Then, they must go to Work profile settings > Apps > Knox Manage > App permissions, and set Location to Allow all the time.
  • Android 12 and higher:
    • When the Knox Manage agent requests location access, the user must select Precise and While using this app.
  1. Navigate to Device.
  2. On the Device page, select one or more devices, and then click Check Location.
  3. On the Check Location page, search by date. The view shows an interactive map of the devices and their location history.

On this page, you can inspect individual device information, as well as export their location history as as a GPX file.

Device map

On the Check Location screen, a map displays the latest locations of all tracked devices. The map uses the following legend:

Element Meaning
Active device pin Active device
Inactive device pin Device with expired keepalive
Active device cluster Cluster of 1–9 devices
Active device cluster Cluster of 10–99 devices
Active device cluster Cluster of 100–999 devices
Active device cluster Cluster of 1000–9999 devices

You can view an individual device’s status by hovering over its pin Active device pin. On hover, a tooltip lists the following information:

  • Device name
  • Serial Number
  • Mobile Number
  • User Name
  • Last Location Scanned
  • Organization Name
  • Group Name
  • Tag
  • Platform & Management Type
  • Model Name
  • MAC Address
  • Manufacturer

Export location history

You can export the location history of the selected devices to an XLSX file or a GPS exchange format (GPX) file. The export includes detailed historical location information, including routes and tracks.

To export the device location history:

  • Click Export to Excel or Export to GPX. A file dialog opens.

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