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Update an app

Last updated September 6th, 2023

Updating an app simply involves uploading a newer version of the app package and re-assigning the app to the device group.

To update an app, first upload a new APK file to the app’s configuration:

  1. Go to Application.

  2. Search for and select the app that you want to update, then click Modify.

    The app list with an app selected and the Modify button highlighted.

    The Modify Application page opens.

  3. For Application File, click upload and upload the more recent version of the app package from your file system.

  4. Ensure that the Name and Package Name fields remains unchanged, and that the Version field shows a newer version.

  5. Save and confirm your changes.

The app is now updated. Next, re-assign the app to the device group:

  1. On the Application page, re-select the updated app and click Assign. The Assign Application page opens.
  2. In the Target section, set Target Type to Group.
  3. Search for and select the device group, then click Assign.
  4. When asked to confirm, verify the assignment details, then click OK.

The latest version of the app is now assigned to the devices in the group.

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