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Add or delete contacts on Wear OS devices

Last updated September 6th, 2023

You can use the Knox Manage console to manage the contacts in the Contacts app on a Wear OS device. You can add and delete contacts using an XLSX file template, which you can download from the Knox Manage console.

About the XLSX template

To begin with, ensure that you have the right template to manage phone contacts for your Wear OS devices. To download the template from the Knox Manage console, follow steps 1 to 4 in the section Add contact data, and click Download Template in the Bulk Upload Contact dialog.

The spreadsheet template includes two worksheets — a worksheet with guidelines for entering the contact data and a worksheet for the data itself. You don’t need to delete the guidelines when you upload the spreadsheet.

When entering the contact data in the template, ensure that:

  • Names and phone numbers are limited to 100 characters.
  • No comma (,) or semi-colon (;) characters are included in the name.
  • No hyphen (-) character is included in the phone number.

Microsoft Excel (XLSX) template

Enter your contact data in the Name and Phone Number columns of the XLSX template.

  • To add a contact, enter both the name and phone number in a row.
  • To delete a contact, enter only the contact’s phone number, without any name, in a row.

Add or delete contact data

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Profile.

  2. Create a new profile or click the name of an existing profile to edit it.

  3. In the profile’s details, click Modify Policy. The Set Policy page opens.

  4. Click Wear OS > Phone to open the Phone policy group.

  5. Select Apply in the Contact Management field.

  6. Click Upload. The Bulk Upload Contact dialog opens.

    Bulk Upload Contact dialog

    Click Download Template to download the XLSX template for entering contact data.

  7. Browse to your filled XLSX file to upload it and click Save.

  8. Click OK to confirm.

  9. Click Save & Assign to save the changes to the profile and push it to the devices.

The contact information is now available on the Wear OS devices associated with the profile.

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