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Organize Chromebook kiosk apps

Last updated July 26th, 2023

In Knox Manage, Chromebooks are exclusively managed on an organization-wide basis. As a result, the standard kiosk app controls and views on the Knox Manage console aren’t available.

You can view all kiosk apps available in your organization on the Kiosk Application tab on your organization’s Organization Details page:

The available kiosk apps in an organization, shown on Kiosk Application tab on the Organization Details page.

Manage the auto-launch app for kiosks

In a Chromebook organization, you can specify the app that automatically launches during a kiosk session. The app you choose applies to all kiosks in the organization. Since only one auto-launch app is permitted for an organization, setting an app will unset your previously chosen app.

The chosen auto-launch app is indicated by the Auto-Launch column in the kiosk app list:

An app set for auto-launch, indicated through the Auto-Launch column

To manage the auto-launch kiosk app for your organization:

  1. Go to Organization, then click the name of your organization. The Organization Details page opens.

  2. On the Kiosk Application tab, select a kiosk app.

  3. Set or unset the app for auto-launch:

    • To set the app, click Auto-Launch.
    • If the app is already set, click Disable Auto-Launch to unset it.

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