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Last updated April 3rd, 2024

What’s the difference between a profile and a policy?

A profile is a set of policies containing device configurations and settings. Profiles allow you to configure policies to control device functions and data, such as the camera, screen lock, or Bluetooth. Policies are the individual settings that affect device permissions, and profiles are the customizable sets of different policies. Policies can belong to multiple profiles.

Profile creation and application chart

Create a profile

  1. Go to Profiles.

  2. Click CREATE PROFILE to start the profile wizard.

  3. Enter a Profile name and optional Description. The name must be unique and at least three characters long. Names are case-sensitive.

  4. Proceed to the Configure screen.

    Configure policies in Create profile

  5. Configure each policy you require:

    Configure policy settings

    1. Select whether you want to Create a new policy and configure all settings anew, or Use existing policy and reuse a preset you saved earlier.

      If you’re creating a new policy, enter a Policy name. Else, select a preset from Choose policy.

    2. Configure the policy settings. If you don’t configure a policy setting, the default device setting is kept, and in some cases the device user can change it themselves.

  6. Proceed to the Review screen.

  7. Review everything you’ve configured so far.

  8. Choose what to do when finalizing the profile:

    • Click CREATE PROFILE if you only want to create the profile now, then assign and push it to devices and groups later.

    • Click CREATE AND ASSIGN if you want to create the profile and assign it to devices simultaneously. Follow the on-screen instructions to select one or more groups for assignment.

      • Click ASSIGN ONLY if you only want to assign the profile now, then push it to devices later. The policy settings won’t apply to assigned devices until the profile is pushed.

      • Click ASSIGN AND PUSH PROFILE to assign the profile now and sync it with the selected devices and groups.

Once a profile is pushed to devices, the policy settings configured in the profile immediately apply.

For example, in a policy setting where Bluetooth is set to Force off, the users of the assigned devices can’t toggle Bluetooth anymore:

Attempt to turn on Bluetooth after applying profile to force off

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