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View a list of users

Last updated July 26th, 2023

In the Knox Manage console, navigate to User to view all registered user accounts. On the User page, you can perform specific functions to the selected user accounts in the list.

Use page on the Knox Manage console





Search field

Search for desired users by user ID, user name, user groups/organization, user type, or platform.


Function buttons


Add a single user account. For more information, see Registering a single user account.

Bulk Add

Add bulk user accounts using a template. For more information, see Register user accounts in bulk.

Add via AD/LDAP

Add multiple AD/LDAP user accounts at a time. For more information, see Register multiple AD/LDAP user accounts.

Device Command

Send device command requests to the user's enrolled devices. For more information, see Send device commands to user's devices.

Send Email

Send templates or user notifications registered in Knox Manage to users via email. For more information, see Sending templates or user notifications to users using email.

Request Enrollment

Provide users with installation guides to allows users to enroll their devices. For more information, see Sending enrollment guides to users via email and SMS.

Change Status

Activate or deactivate the user account.


Modify the selected user account details. For more information, see Modify the details of a user account.


Delete the selected user accounts. For more information, see Delete a user account.


User list

View the brief information of the user accounts on the list. Click the organization name to see more organization details.

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