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Administrator account overview

Last updated April 18th, 2024

Administrator accounts are used by IT admins to manage devices and users in an organization. Before you can start configuring and monitoring devices, groups, and other items, you need to create at least one admin account on the Knox Manage console.

The admin can then add other admins by signing in to the Knox Manage console and sending them email invitations. You can add super admins, sub-admins, service admins, or read-only admins to the Knox Manage console.

In addition to adding admins, you can use the Knox Manage console to manage the admin accounts. You can change passwords, specify the profiles and organizations for admins to manage, and activate technical support admin access for devices.

Admins in Knox Manage are categorized by the following roles:

Admin role Description
  • Add, modify, delete, activate, and deactivate sub-admin accounts.
  • Grant sub-admin administration rights.
  • Select profiles to manage for sub-admins.
  • Select organizations to manage for sub-admins.
  • Manage the profiles designated by a super admin or the profiles they created.
  • Depending on the Organization permission, manage or view the organizations designated by a super admin or the organizations they created.
Read Only Only view all menus, including menus for admins, in the Knox Admin Portal.
Service Admin (read only) Sends device commands. You can allow all device commands or select specific device commands for service admin use.

Additionally, the menus that admins can access vary depending on their role. For more information, see Menu access permissions.

You can also create admins in the Knox Admin Portal. The Administrator & Roles page in the Knox Admin Portal lists all admins, including the ones you create in the Knox Manage console.

  • Super admins and sub-admins created in the Knox Manage console display as sub-admins in the Knox Admin Portal.
  • Knox Manage admins created in the Knox Admin Portal display as read-only admins in the Knox Manage console. You can change the read-only permissions in the Knox Manage console.

The admin invitation process is similar to the process used in the Knox Admin Portal. An invitation email is sent from the Knox Admin Portal when you add an admin.

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