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Step 1 — Before you begin

Last updated January 22nd, 2024

Before you can start setting up Knox Manage, ensure that you have the right accounts, services, and licenses. Then, register Knox Manage in Managed Google Play as your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution and create a tenant.

1. Get a Samsung account and register for the Knox Manage service

To start using Knox Manage, you must:

  1. Have a Samsung Knox account. All Samsung Knox services require a Samsung Knox account.

  2. Register for Knox Suite, which includes the Knox Manage service.

To create a Samsung Knox account and register for Knox Manage, see Create a Samsung Knox account.

2. Check your licenses

Your Knox Suite license comes with a set number of seats that you can use for all the Knox services you registered for.

  • Verify and ensure that you have enough seats for the devices you want to manage. Check your licenses in the Knox Admin Portal.

3. Sign in to the Knox Manage console

You can open the Knox Manage console from the Knox Admin Portal. After you sign in to Knox Admin Portal, click Knox Manage on the navigation panel to access the Knox Manage console.

There are multiple ways to access the Knox Manage console. For more information, see Sign in to Knox Manage.

4. Register Knox Manage as your EMM

To use Knox Manage as your enterprise’s enterprise management solution, register it with Managed Google Play, the Google app store for enterprises.

Upon successful registration, a default organization is created and the email ID used for registration is added as an administrator in the Knox Manage console.

This single registered Knox Manage instance is what we refer to as a tenant. You will find this term used in the Knox Manage documentation.


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