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Configure the Android Enterprise environment

Last updated April 3rd, 2023

To use Android Enterprise devices, you must register Knox Manage as the EMM provider on the Google Play console and configure the basic environment of Managed Google Play (MGP), which is the app platform for enterprises that manage Android devices.

You can use the following account types for registering your EMM.

  • Personal Google account – allows you to manage only Android devices
  • Company domains managed by Google – allows you to manage Android and ChromeOS devices
  • Company domains not managed by Google - allows you to manage Android and ChromeOS devices

Register Knox Manage in Google Admin console

To register Knox Manage as our EMM provider:

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Setting > Android > Android Enterprise.


    To modify a registered EMM provider, see Update EMM provider information.

  2. Click Link Account and confirm that you want to register. The Knox Manage console redirects you to Google’s Create Admin Account page.

    Google's Create Admin Account page

  3. If you sign in with a company domain managed by Google, click Allow to bind the managed Google account to Knox Manage and manage your Android Enterprise devices.

  4. If you sign in with a company domain not managed by Google:

    a. You are asked to verify your email and a verification message is sent to your email address. Sign-in to your email account and verify your email address.

    b. Google’s Welcome to Android Enterprise page displays. Click Continue.

    c. Provide the required registration details, select Android Enterprise as your subscription, create a password for Google’s admin console, and click Agree and continue.

    d. Click Allow and create account to register Samsung Knox Manage as your EMM provider and create an account on Google Admin console.

  5. If you sign in with a new personal Google account and want to deploy only Android devices, select Sign up for Android only. The Google Play console opens:

    Google's Create Admin Account page

    a. Enter your Domain name or Business name and click Next.

    Google's Create Admin Account page

    b. Enter the details of your data protection officer and EU representative, select I have read and agree to the Managed Google Play agreement, and click Confirm.

    Google's Create Admin Account page

    c. Click Complete Registration. You can use this procedure to bind multiple Knox Manage tenants to Google’s Admin console.

Knox Manage is enabled as an Android EMM on Google Admin console, and the Google account information is shown on the Android Enterprise page in the Knox Manage console. The Account Type is shown as Managed Google Accounts if you signed up using a company domain or Managed Google Play Accounts if you signed up using a personal Google account.

Google's Create Admin Account page

Configure the environment

You can further configure the environment as follows:

  1. Test for sync issues between Knox Manage and Google server’s at any time to help identify any issues. On the Android Enterprise page in the Knox Manage console:

    • Click Test Connection. A pop-up displays if your connection test is successful.
  2. Select whether to Reset Basic store layout. By default, apps are organized in the managed Google Play Store app based on app collections that you create and maintain on the Google Play console. If you want to display the apps in managed Google Play Store without any categorization, click Reset.

  3. For Default Auto Update Apps, select an option to specify when Managed Google Play apps can update automatically:

    • Only auto-update over Wi-Fi (Default)
    • Auto-update over any network
    • Let the user choose
    • Never auto-update
  4. Select whether to use Maintenance Window to force update apps at a specific time:

    • Use — Apps are forced to update during a specific timeframe. Specify a Start Time and Duration to define the timeframe.
    • Do not use — Apps automatically update irrespective of whether the device is charging or idle, or the app is not in use. Automatic updates can be paused during freeze periods.
  5. Click Save to finish configuring the environment.


Ensure that the Google account used to register Knox Manage on the Google Play console isn’t deactivated and deleted due to inactivity. For information about Google’s inactive account policy, see the Google topics Inactive Google Account Policy and Updating our inactive account policies.

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