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Configure the Android Enterprise environment

Last updated January 22nd, 2024

To use Android Enterprise devices, you must register Knox Manage as the EMM provider on the Google Play console and configure the basic environment of Managed Google Play (MGP), which is the app platform for enterprises that manage Android devices.


You must use a consumer Google account for registration. Google Workspace accounts aren’t yet supported for registration.

To configure the Android Enterprise environment:

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Setting > Android > Android Enterprise.


    If an EMM provider is already registered and you want to change it, see Update EMM provider information.

  2. Click Link Account and confirm that you want to register. The Knox Manage console redirects you to the Google Play console.

    Google Play console.

  3. Register your Google account for Managed Google Play:

    1. Click Sign in, enter your Google account credentials, then click Get started to enter your enterprise details.

    2. Enter your Business name and click Next to register Knox Manage as an EMM provider.

      Entering the business name in the Google Play enterprise registration flow

    3. Fill the contact details for your GDPR officer and EU representative.

      Entering the contact details in the Google Play enterprise registration flow

    4. If you agree to the terms and conditions, select I have read and agree to the Managed Google Play agreement, then click Confirm.

    5. Click Complete Registration to return to Knox Manage console. The Google account information and the Google API settings populate on the page.

      The Google Play account information and Google API settings on the Android Enterprise page of the Knox Manage console

  4. Click Test Connection to check for any sync issues between the Knox Manage server and Google’s servers.


    You can run this test at any time to help identify communication problems with your Knox Manage tenant and Manage Google Play apps.

  5. Select whether to Reset Basic store layout. By default, apps are organized in the managed Google Play Store app based on app collections that you create and maintain on the Google Play console. If you want to display the apps in managed Google Play Store without any categorization, click Reset.

  6. For Auto Update Apps, select the circumstances when Managed Google Play apps will update automatically:

    • When the device is connected to a Wi-Fi access point
    • When the device user chooses to
    • When the device detects an update is available
    • Never
  7. Select whether to Force Update App at a specific time:

    • Use — Apps are forced to update during a specific timeframe. When this option is selected, you must fill a Start Time & Duration to define the timeframe.
    • Do not use — Apps automatically update when the device is charging, idle, or the app isn’t currently in use. Automatic updates can be paused during freeze periods.
  8. Click Save to finish configuring the environment.


Ensure that the Google account used to register Knox Manage on the Google Play console isn’t deactivated and deleted due to inactivity. For information about Google’s inactive account policy, see the Google topics Inactive Google Account Policy and Updating our inactive account policies.

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