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Last updated January 22nd, 2024

To add new content:

  1. Go to Content and click Add to open the content dialog.

  2. Click upload and select a file from your file system to upload. Files can be up to 2 GB in size. You can add the same file multiple times as long as you associate it with a unique Content Name.

  3. For Content Name, enter a unique name for the file.

    If a file with the same content name is added and assigned to target devices, the new content file overwrites the old file. To avoid accidentally overwriting existing files, change the Content Name for duplicate files.

  4. Enter a path in the Download Path field to specify the file’s destination on the device’s storage. The available paths depend on the platform and version:

    • Android 6 through 9 — You can specify any path.
    • Android 10 and higher — You must specify one of the media directories, those being Documents, Download, Pictures, Movies, or Music.
    • iOS - You can specify any path.
    • Windows — You must specify one of the user account’s media directories, those being Documents, Pictures, Music, or Videos.
  5. If your device is on the Android Legacy with Knox Workspace platform, specify the Deployment Area for the content:

    • Device — The primary profile.
    • Knox Workspace — The Knox work profile.
    • Device + Knox Workspace — Both.

    With 23.03, Knox Manage no longer supports the Android Legacy (also known as Device Admin) platform. The Knox Manage team strongly recommends that you migrate to the Android Enterprise platform.

  6. Save your changes:

    • Click Save and return to the content inventory.
    • Click Save & Assign to assign the content to a user, group, or organization. For more information, see Assign content.

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