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Register a directory sync group

Last updated March 1st, 2024

To create a group from existing employee information by synchronizing it with the directory system, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Group.

  2. On the Group page, click Add via Directory.

  3. In the Select Group window, enter the directory group information:

    Field Description
    Select Connection Select a synchronization service to search for groups. If you have selected a synchronization service, the relevant filter is automatically entered.
    Keyword Search Enter a keyword to search for groups within the selected range, and then click .
  4. Select a group from the search result, and then click OK.

  5. In the Add via Directory page, enter the following group information:

    Field Description
    Target Click Select to open the Select Group window. For more information, see step 3.
    Group Name Enter a group name.
    Apply or Unassign Auto Profile/App

    Select when to apply a profile or app to a group member automatically:

    • When adding a user, profiles and apps will be applied to the user.
    • When deleting a user, profiles and apps will be unassigned from the user.
    • When deleting a group, profiles and apps will be unassigned from the group.
    Sync Group Member

    Select whether to sync all users or only the selected users of the group.

    • Sync all. Sync all members of the group.
    • Sync selected only. Sync only the selected members of the group.
  6. Click Save.

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