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Enroll a Chromebook

Last updated March 25th, 2024

Before you begin enrollment, be aware that a Chromebook must be enrolled before any user signs in to it. If any user registers their Google account with the Chromebook, then you must factory reset it and restart the enrollment process.

Prepare for enrollment

Before you can enroll your Chromebooks in Knox Manage, you must complete a handful of preliminary steps. You’ll need:

  • Access to the Google Admin account
  • A ChromeOS profile
  • A Chromebook that’s turned off

To start, you must consent to Google’s Terms of Service agreement on behalf of your enterprise:

  1. On the Google Admin console, go to Devices > Chrome Devices.
  2. Acknowledge the Terms of Service message that shows.

Then, as an optional step, you can apply the enrollment policies to speed up the process:

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Profile, then click the name of the Chromebook profile you wish to deploy.

  2. Click Modify Policy to modify the policies.

  3. Under User & Browser > Enrollment controls policy group, set the policies appropriate for your deployment strategy:

Enroll manually

To manually enroll a Chromebook:

  1. Turn on the Chromebook and follow the on-screen instructions until you see the sign-in screen. Don’t sign in. If you see the enrollment screen instead of the sign-in screen, skip to Step 4.

  2. If the Chromebook is a tablet, tap Email or phone, then tap menu and switch to full layout to open the on-screen keyboard.

  3. Open the enrollment screen:

    Device type Command
    All Chromebooks Press Ctrl + Alt + E.
    All Chromebooks except tablets Click More options > Enterprise enrollment.
  4. Enter the username and password from your Google admin welcome letter or for a Google account that is eligible to enroll.

  5. If prompted, enter the asset ID and location, then click Next.

  6. When you receive a message confirming that the device enrolled successfully, click Done.

Enroll through Zero-touch

To enroll a Chromebook through Zero-touch:

  1. On the Google Admin console, go to Devices > Chrome devices.

  2. Select the parent organization for all organizations, or select a child organization.

  3. Click Enroll devices in the bottom-right corner.

  4. The console generates a pre-provisioning token. You can choose to:

    • Copy the token and email it to a reseller, account manager, or a deployment partner.
    • Revoke the token.
    • Revoke and regenerate token.
  5. Send the token and your tenant’s domain name to the pre-provisioning partner.

  6. The pre-provisioning partner passes your enterprise information and your device information to Google.

  7. The selected organization’s Chromebooks display a pre-provisioned status on the Google Admin console and the Knox Manage Console.

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