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Assign internal Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps

Last updated May 8th, 2023

Like with apps hosted and distributed by cloud ecosystems, you can assign a privately developed app, or an app sourced from an on-premises vendor. Both of these fall under the definition of internal app.


  • Before you can assign an internal app, you must add it to your tenant. Different platforms have different requirements for adding an app:
  • Android devices require a Knox Manage or Knox Suite license to install an internal app in the work profile.
  • Internal apps on Android Enterprise, iOS, and Wear OS can only be installed automatically, but the device user can choose to remove them.

Assign an internal app

To assign an internal app on any platform:

  1. Go to Application, select an internal app, then click Assign. The Assign Application page opens.

  2. Configure the assignment:

    Setting Action Supported platform
    Target Device Specify the platform, between Android Enterprise, Android Legacy, and Android Enterprise + Legacy.

    Android Enterprise

    Android Legacy

    Installation Area

    For Android Enterprise, the app installs to both the primary profile and work profile.

    For Android Legacy, you can choose where the app installs:

    • Primary profile
    • Knox Workspace
    • Both

    Android Enterprise

    Android Legacy

    Installation Type

    Select how the app installs:

    • With Manual, the device user installs the app manually from the agent.
    • With Automatic, the app installs automatically.



    Installation Request Priority Select the preferred order in which the app installs on the device. Apps with high priority install before apps with normal priority. When multiple apps have high priority, they are installed in order of largest to smallest package size. Android Enterprise
    Installation Context Select whether to install for all users on the device, or the user currently signed in. Windows
    Screen capture Select whether to allow the device user to capture screens in the app. Android Enterprise
    Text copy Choose whether to allow the device user to copy text from the app. iOS
    Printing Choose whether to allow the device user to print from the app. iOS
    Share list Choose whether to allow the device user to share data to the app using the instant share dialog. iOS
    Auto-run after Installation Choose whether the app should run immediately after it installs. Android Enterprise

    Managed Configuration

    Managed App Setting

    If the app supports it, configure special key-value pairs to override or customize behavior.

    Android Enterprise


    Home Screen Shortcut Add a shortcut for the app to the Home screen. If the device user deletes the shortcut, it won't be re-added. Android Legacy on Samsung Galaxy device

    Specify how the app is rolled out:

    • For Use Deployment Scheduler, select Use for a scheduled deployment, or Do not use for a manual deployment.
    • For Deployment Starts At, choose the date and time to start the scheduled deployment.

    Android Enterprise

    Wear OS

    Target type Select one or more groups or organizations to assign the app to. You can't assign to both groups and organizations at the same time. All
  3. Click Assign.

  4. On the Assign Application dialog, review the assignment information and click OK.

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