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Knox Manage Mobile Admin Portal

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Mobile Admin allows for convenient management by providing the administrators and sub-administrators with Knox Manage’s key device management features. With Mobile Admin’s mobile-friendly user interface, you can monitor users and devices on your own mobile devices. In addition, the Mobile Admin limits the authority to manage or control the devices depending on the type of the administrator.

Mobile Admin basic information

Knox Manage offers the following Mobile Admin features:

  • Dashboard —Provides a quick overview of Device Status, Compliance Violation, OS Status, User by Organization, and Device Command History.
  • Device management —Provides a list of devices that includes device names, user IDs, device statuses, and management types. You can filter the list based on their target devices. Tapping a device name opens the device information page, which contains an overview of actions that can be performed. You can also control the devices by sending device commands.
  • User management —Provides a list of users that includes User Name, UserId and Organization name with status. You can search and filter the user list like the device list. Tap a user name to open the user’s quick information page.

Meet the requirements listed below to ensure the efficient operation of Mobile Admin.

Item Requirement
Administrator’s PC Browser: Chrome/Resolution: 5.8-inch display (1440 x 2960 pixels)
Mobile OS All platforms are supported.
Supported language English, Korean

If the selected language in the Mobile Admin Portal is not supported on the mobile device, English will be selected as the default language.

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