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Create a copy of an existing profile

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Copy an existing profile and create a new profile. When you reuse a profile, you cannot load information about the organizations or groups to which the profile has been assigned.

To copy a profile, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Profile.

  2. On the Profile page, click the check box for the profile to be copied.

  3. Click Copy Profile.

  4. On the Copy Profile page, modify the existing information if necessary.

    • Name — Enter the name of a profile.

    • Platform — Select a device platform.

    • Description — Enter a description for the profile.

    • Event Profile — Click disable to enable an event profile.

      For more information, see Create and associate event types. When copying an existing event profile and creating a new one, the event type of the new profile cannot be changed.

  5. Click Save & Set Policy to save the information and proceed to configure the profile details.

    • Click Save to save the information and return to the profile list.
  6. Configure the profile details. For more information, see Configuring policies by device platform.

For detailed information about each of the look up items, see List of lookup items.

  • Application — Assign Managed Google Play applications > Managed Configuration.
  • Profile — Configure profile policies by device platform.

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