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Add a sub-organization

Last updated May 8th, 2024

Once your base organization is registered in your tenant, you may want to create additional subdivisions within the organization, also known as sub-organizations.

You can add a sub-organization manually to a parent organization or you can synchronize organizations with the Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) system.

ChromeOS organizations sync through the Google Admin console. You can’t add a ChromeOS organization on the Knox Manage console.

To add a sub-organization:

  1. Go to Organization and click Add. The Add Organization page opens.

  2. Fill out the basic details about the organization:

    Field Action
    Parent Organization Select the parent organization you want to add a sub-organization to.
    Inheritable Profile This field displays the profiles that will be inherited from the parent organization. The sub-organization will also inherit any apps assigned to its parent. This field displays no inheritable profiles if there are none to inherit.

    Enter a unique organization code. For more information about what an organization code is, see What is the Organization Code while adding a new organization to the Knox Manage console?

    Once you create the sub-organization, the organization code can't be changed.

    Name Enter a unique sub-organization name.
    AD/LDAP Sync Set to Enable to allow the creation of organizations from the synced AD or LDAP service. If enabled, the AD or LDAP service synchronizes organization data — including its sub-organizations — to your tenant. For more information about adding AD or LDAP as a sync service, see Connect to AD/LDAP.
    Android Management Type Select either Android Enterprise or Android Legacy as the Android platform. If you select Android Enterprise, then you can also select whether to make the device fully managed with a work profile.
    Fully Managed with Work Profile Select Yes or No to control whether the device assigned to this account is enrolled as fully managed with work profile. This mode is only supported on devices running Android 8 through 10.

    Select the license type you want to use for this organization — Knox Suite or Knox Manage Select Knox Suite if you have a Knox Suite license and you want to use it to enroll this organization's devices in other Knox Suite services.

    With a Knox Suite license, each device (IMEI) takes up only one license seat regardless of how many Knox Suite services each device is enrolled in.

    Sub-Administrator If needed, add one or more sub-admins to manage the sub-organization. For more information on creating sub-admins, see Adding an administrator.
  3. Save the sub-organization:

    • Click Save to register the sub-organization.
    • Click Save & Assign to register the sub-organization and immediately assign profiles, apps, or content to it.

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