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Install a Kiosk application using a profile

Last updated July 26th, 2023

You can deploy Kiosk mode by configuring a profile policy and applying it to devices. When you deploy the Kiosk by profile, you can directly configure the Kiosk types from the policy.

To configure the Kiosk in the profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Profile.

  2. On the Profile page, click a profile name to which you want to add the Kiosk policy.

  3. On the Profile Details page, click Modify Policy in the footer.

  4. On the Set Policy page, click Kiosk under Android Enterprise or Android (Legacy).

  5. Set Kiosk app settings to Single app, Multi app, or Kiosk Browser.

  6. Configure the profile details by Kiosk type. For more information about applicable policies, see Kiosk for Android Enterprise devices and Kiosk for Android Legacy devices.

  7. Click Save & Assign to save the information and to proceed with assigning the policies to devices.

    • Click Save to only save the information.
    • The Kiosk set in the policy is automatically installed. If the Kiosk policy is deleted, the Kiosk device is automatically unenrolled.

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