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Add public apps using iOS App Store

Last updated July 26th, 2023

To add public apps using the iOS App Store:

  1. On the Application page, click Add. The Select Application Type dialog opens.

  2. For the Platform, select iOS. For Type & Source, select Public and iOS App Store.

  3. Click OK. The Add Application page opens.

  4. Search for and select the app you want to add.

  5. Configure the details of the app:

    • Name — Enter the app name.

    • Category — Select a category for the app. You can click Manage Category to add or modify the app categories in your tenant.

    • Description — Enter a description for the app.

    • Managed App Setting (iOS 7 and higher) — Set to Yes to pass custom key-value pairs to the app in order to manage it in more depth.

      • Key & Value — Click Add to define a key-value pair to pass to the app. When defining the value, click Lookup to browse and select from the list of available lookup items. Lookup items are helpful device- and enterprise-related tokens that substitute their actual values when passed to the device. For example, the ${DeviceIMEI} lookup item substitutes for the device’s IMEI/MEID. For detailed information about each of the look up items, see List of lookup items.
  6. Save the app:

    • Click Save to save the app and return to the app list.
    • Click Save & Assign to save the app and immediately assign the app to groups or organizations. For details on how to assign an app, see Assign iOS app store applications.

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