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Windows device commands

Last updated December 13th, 2023

The available commands for a device vary based on its management mode.


Device command Description
Lock Device Locks the device. The following characters aren't supported in the lock screen message: \, ", [, and ].
Reboot Device Restarts the device 5 minutes after this command is received. After restart, the device user must sign in.
Factory Reset Factory resets and unenrolls the device.
Push Profile Pushes and applies the latest profile and app information to the device.
Enterprise Wipe Unenrolls the device from Knox Manage and removes all enterprise data, including profiles and internal apps. Unlike a factory reset, personal user data is not deleted from the device.


Device command Description
Install App

Installs an app on the device.

The app installation allowlist and blocklist policy take precedence over this command. If an app is blocked, then this command can't install it.

Uninstall App

Uninstalls an app from the device

The app installation allowlist and blocklist policy take precedence over this command. If an app is explicitly allowed, then this command can't uninstall it.

Knox Manage

Device command Description
Push Notification

Sends an emergency message to the device. The message is shown on the notification area of the device.

Unenroll Device Unenrolls the device.
Update User Information

Updates the device user information such as the user activation status, username, user settings, and license information.

If the user is signed out from the enrolled device, you can send this device command to enable the user to sign in to Knox Manage automatically.

Lock Screen of Knox Manage agent

Locks the Knox Manage agent.

When the agent is locked, the device user must enter the agent's password that was configured during enrollment. If the user forgets the password, you can send the Delete Account command to sign out the user. Then, they can reset the password upon sign in.

Unlock Knox Manage agent Unlocks the Knox Manage agent.
Delete account Removes the account stored by the Knox Manage agent.

Device Info.

Device command Description
Collect current location

Pulls the current location information from the device.

Sync Device Information

Pulls the device's inventory and app information.

Sync Installed App List

Pulls the device's app list.

Custom Control

Device command Description
Select Allows you to execute remote code on devices to manually perform Windows management tasks that aren't currently available in Knox Manage. To access this feature, contact

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