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Assign a Wear OS app

Last updated September 6th, 2023

After you’ve added the Wear OS app to your tenant, you can assign it to your Wear OS smartwatches.


You can only assign Wear OS apps to a device group that is dedicated to smartwatches, or in other words only contains Wear OS devices.

To do this:

  1. If you clicked Save & Assign as the last step during the Add a Wear OS app procedure, skip this step. Otherwise:

    1. Go to Application.

    2. Search for and select the desired app, then click Assign.

      The app list with a Wear OS app selected and the Assign button highlighted.

      The Assign Application page opens.

  2. In the Wear OS Settings section, set Auto-run after Installation to specify if you want to launch the app after installation.

  3. In the Target section, set Target Type to Group.

  4. Search for and select your Wear OS device group, then click Assign.

  5. When asked to confirm, verify the assignment details, then click OK.

The app is now assigned to the smartwatches in the chosen device group.

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