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Manage device aliases

Last updated July 26th, 2023

A device alias is an alternative, mutable name that you can assign to a device. Typically, aliases give devices meaningful human-readable identifiers in order to better organize your enterprise fleet and recognize particular devices. Device names can’t be edited, so if you need an alternative name for a device, use an alias instead.

Aliases can vastly improve your enterprise’s ability to organize and track devices across various activities and dashboards. They are visible on the Knox Manage console, the Knox Manage agent on the device, the Kiosk app, and iOS and Windows settings. Aliases are a property of Knox Manage, and aren’t recognized by other technologies and products.

Device aliases are flexible in their usage. You can assign multiple aliases to a device. You can create aliases on a device-by-device or bulk basis. When searching for devices on the Device page, you can find a device by entering any of its aliases.

Create a device alias for a single device

To create a device alias:

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Device, then click a device. The Device Details page opens.
  2. In the device summary, click Add Device Alias next to the device name.
  3. Enter one or more aliases in the text field. Separate each alias by a comma (,). Aliases can contain special characters and symbols.
  4. Click Save.

Bulk create device aliases

To create aliases for multiple devices at once:

  • Go to Device, then click Bulk Add Tags & Aliases. The Bulk & Tags and Aliases dialog opens.
  • Download the XLS file template to your local system.
  • Fill the XLS file with the device names and desired aliases.
  • Upload the filled XLS file to the dialog.

Edit or remove device aliases

To edit or remove a device’s aliases:

  1. Go to Device, then click a device. The Device Details page opens.

  2. In the device summary, edit or remove the aliases:

    • Edit — Click Modify, then edit the field.
    • Remove — Click Delete.

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