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Register a group

Last updated January 22nd, 2024

To create a group of users or devices, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Group on the navigation pane.

  2. On the Group page, click Add.

  3. On the Add Group page, enter the following user information:

    • Name — Enter a group name.
    • Type — Select one of the following group types.
      • User — A group composed of user accounts only.
      • Directory — A group composed of users from directories only.
      • Device — A group composed of enrolled devices only.
  4. On the user or device list, click the check boxes next to the user IDs or device names to include them in the group. After the users or devices are selected, they will be displayed on the selected user or selected device list.

    You can select additional columns to view device information in the All Devices area. You can also search for and select devices using filters. In the Selected Device area, click Select via Filter, and then click the check boxes for the filters you want to apply, such as user status, position, and security level. Filtered devices will be added to the selected device list.

  5. Click Save & Assign, and in the Save & Assign window, click Application, Profile, or Content to select what to assign to the group.

    • Application — Select the applications to assign to the group, and then modify the application settings.
    • Profile — Select the profiles to assign to the group, and then view the selected profile details.
    • Content — Select the content to assign to the group.

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