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Create and associate event types

Last updated July 26th, 2023

To add an event for a profile:

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Profile.

  2. Click Add. The Add Profile page opens.

  3. Fill the profile details:

    • Name — Enter the name of the profile.

    • Platform — Choose a device platform.

    • Description — Enter a description for the profile.

    • Event Profile — Click disable to enable events. You can only enable events when adding a new profile. If you want to add events for a profile that already exists, you must add a new profile that includes the same options as the existing profile, and the events.

    • Event Type — Choose one of the following event types:

      • Day & Time

      • Application

      • Wi-Fi SSID

      • SIM Change

      • Roaming

      • Geofencing

      For more information on these event types, see Types of events.

    • Requirement — Shows the requirements for the selected event type. This option appears only when an event profile is enabled.

      • Day & Time — The policy for changing the date and time should be restricted. Navigate to Android Enterprise or Android (Legacy) > System in the profile and set Automatic Date and Time to Disallow.

      • Application — If an app is on the blocklist, it cannot be selected for this type.

      • Wi-Fi SSID — You should allow Wi-Fi.

      • Geofencing — You should allow GPS.


      This feature isn’t available in the US region.

    • Conditions — Configure the conditions that cause an event depending on the selected event type. These options show only when the profile has events enabled. For more information about the condition’s details, see Supported platforms by event type.

      • Lock Device When Out of Geofencing Area — Locks the device when the device is out of the Geofencing area. This option is only available when the Geofencing type event is selected.

      • Allow Run Offline — Allow the profile to be applied to the device even when it is offline. This option appears only if events are enabled. This option only supports the Day & Time, Application, and Geofencing types.

      • Lock Device when changing SIM — Locks the device when the SIM is changed. This option appears only when the SIM Change type event has been selected.

      • Notification — Sends a notification to device users when the profile starts or stops being applied. IT admins can now set up the profile to receive an email notification when devices travel outside or returns to the geofencing area.

  4. Click Save & Set Policy to save the profile’s base settings and go to the Set Policy page.

  5. Configure the profile’s policies as needed. When finished, click Save to save the profile and return to the profile list.

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