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View a user’s details

Last updated December 13th, 2023

View each user’s details by clicking a user name on the user list. You can view the detailed information on the selected user account.

The following function buttons are available:

Function button Description
Change Password Enter a new password between 8 and 30 characters and confirm it. For more information, see Change a user account’s password.
Reset Password Reset the password. A temporary password will be sent to the user through email.
Change Status Activate or deactivate the user account.
Send VPP Invitation Send an enrollment invitation to iOS or macOS device users through notifications or email.
Delete from VPP Remove registered VPP users and revoke their license codes.
Sync VPP Sync VPP user information on the Knox Manage console with your VPP account.
Send Email Select templates or user notifications registered in Knox Manage to send to the user through email. For more information, see Send templates or user notifications to users using email.
Request Enrollment Send enrollment guides through email or SMS, if the user has no enrolled devices. For more information, see Sending enrollment guides to users using email and SMS.

Function buttons in the footer

You can perform specific functions to the selected user using the function buttons in the footer. The following function buttons are available:

Function button Description
Back Return to the user list.
Delete Delete the selected user account.
Modify Modify the selected user account information.

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