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View and modify a license

Last updated May 2nd, 2024

This section describes various operations you can perform on a license.

View the details of a license

You can view the details of a license, such as its expiration date, the total number of seats it contains, the number of seats left, and the devices enrolled under it.

If both a Knox Manage and a KPE license key are applied to a device at the same time, the usage count may differ between the license server and Knox Manage server. Refer to the count on the Setting > License page on the Knox Manage console for the most accurate tally.

To view the details of a license:

  1. Go to Setting > License.

  2. Click on the license key you want to view.

  3. For each license key, the following usage details show:

    • Total number of seats (that is, the number of devices allowed to enroll under that license)
    • List of devices that use that license
    • License type (that is whether the license is a trial or commercial license)
    • An Almost Expired alert if the remaining seats for that license is less than 10%

License details are synced daily at midnight. You can also sync license details manually by clicking Sync.

Modify a license name

You can change the name of a registered license. To modify a license name:

  1. Go to Setting > License.

  2. Select a license. The License Details page opens.

  3. Click Modify next to the license name, and modify it or enter a new license name, as required.

  4. Save the license.

Delete an existing license

If you want to stop using a registered license, you can delete it from the Knox Admin Portal or from the Knox Manage console.

To delete a registered license from the Knox Manage console:

  1. Go to Setting > License.

  2. Select the license you want to delete and click Delete.

  3. In the Delete window, click OK.

Synchronize license information

You can synchronize license information with the Samsung Electronics License Management (SLM) system to retrieve updated license information from the SLM system.

You do not need to perform this procedure for Knox Suite licenses, because those licenses are synced automatically.

To synchronize license information with the SLM system:

  1. Go to Setting > License.

  2. Select the licenses you want to synchronize and click Sync.

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