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Update EMM provider information

Last updated January 22nd, 2024

You can change the registered EMM provider account linked to your Knox Manage tenant.

Replace EMM provider information

To be able to replace an EMM account, you must first unenroll all Android Management API devices linked to it.

To replace the registered EMM provider in your tenant:

  1. Go to Setting > Android > Android Enterprise.

  2. Click Replace next to the administrator email address and click OK in the dialog that opens. The information registered on Google Play Console is deleted, and the user can no longer use the device as an Android Enterprise device.

  3. Click Link Account and click OK in the dialog that opens. The Google Play Console opens.

  4. Complete the registration of the new EMM provider on the Google Play page. The page will take you back to the Knox Manage console.

The new registered EMM displays in the Knox Manage console. All affected devices receive updates to their enrollment and assigned app information.

Permanently delete EMM provider information

To delete the registered EMM provider permanently:

  1. Sign in to the Google Play Console at

  2. Click Delete Enterprise. All the information is deleted within 24 hours and you cannot restore it.

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