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Device logs

Last updated July 26th, 2023

View device logs for monitoring device operation. Device logs include the inventory and log messages of applied policies and device commands. The device with policy applied collects the log based on the policy. For more information about the log policy, see Logging.

The default settings for device logs are as follows:

  • Maximum collection capacity: 10 MB
  • Maximum storage period: 7 days
  • Log level: Records about debugging and other logs for developers

To view device logs, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to History > Device Log.

  2. Search for a device by using the search field and/or defining the collecting period.

  3. Click the row of the device.

  4. In the Log Files area, view the log files.

    • You can filter the collection period.

    • The name format of log files is EMMAgent_yyyymmdd.

    • To export a device log to a text file, click in the row of the log you want to export.


      If the default country code is set to South Korea, IT admins now need to provide a reason for downloading data.

    • To delete a device log, click in the row of the log you want to delete.

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