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About kiosk mode

Last updated March 18th, 2024

Kiosks are dedicated, embedded, or stationary devices that enterprises install on-premises to perform as public terminals, boards, displays, or signage. As part of its base EMM features, Knox Manage can deploy, monitor, and manage kiosks in your device fleet.

When deploying a kiosk on any of the platforms that support the concept, the device enters kiosk mode, which is a collection of operating system features and behaviors that provide a kiosk experience to the user. The specific features available vary depending on the platform. The basic idea of kiosk mode is to take the base operating system on the device, limit its non-essential functionality, and provision it in a certain way so that the user experience is ephemeral and constrained to the kiosk’s intended use-case.

Supported platforms

Knox Manage supports kiosks on the following platforms:

  • Android Enterprise
  • Windows 10 and 11
  • iOS and iPadOS through app lock
  • ChromeOS

Like standard managed devices, you can configure policies, send commands, and deploy apps to the kiosk.

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