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Minimum requirements

Last updated May 2nd, 2024

Before using Knox Remote Support, check the supported platform and firewall settings. Also make sure that the Knox Remote Support agent on your devices is up-to-date so your support sessions work as expected.

Additionally, make sure you have the required licenses and account:

  • To use Knox Remote Support, you must have a Knox Suite license or a Knox Manage license.
  • To access the Devices and Activity Log menus in the Knox Remote Support viewer, you must be signed in to your Knox account.

Supported devices

Knox Remote Support is designed for Android devices, and works for both Samsung and non-Samsung devices. Non-Samsung devices have some limitations with regards to which features Knox Remote Support can control.

Supported device Supported features
Android devices supported by Knox All
Non-Samsung Android devices

All except:

  • Home
  • Left and right controls
  • Screen rotation buttons
  • Touch controls

As IT admins can't use these features in the Knox Remote Support Viewer, the user should control the device instead.

System requirements

IT admins can use the Knox Remote Support Viewer on a PC. Users must install the Knox Remote Support agent on their device before IT admins can connect to it.

Component Requirement
Knox Remote Support Viewer (on PC)

Microsoft Windows 7 and higher

Supported web browsers:

  • Google Chrome 41 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 95 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 65 and higher
Knox Remote Support agent (on device) Android 8 and higher

Configure the firewall

You may need to open certain domains and ports in your firewall to ensure Knox Remote Support can extend beyond your local and protected network domains and connect to the Knox server and its supporting resources.

See Samsung Knox firewall exceptions for the complete list of firewall exceptions for Knox Remote Support.

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