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How to deploy Knox Capture using Knox Manage

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Capture
  • Knox Manage (KM)


This document will guide you on how to configure and deploy Knox Capture on a fleet of managed devices with Knox Manage.

The following won’t cover the device enrollment process in detail, which can be found in the enrollment guides instead.

This guide requires basic knowledge about Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). This includes the ability to add and configure applications to the Managed Play Store in UEMs. It also includes knowledge on how to perform device enrollment.

What do I need to get started?

  • A Knox Suite account or Knox Manage account.
  • A Knox Capture license (this could be a trial version).
  • A Knox Manage license key (this could be a trial version).
  • A sample device from the fleet you want to deploy to. This device will be referred to as the admin device for the remainder of the guide.
  • Knowledge about UEMs and EMMs.
    • How to add and configure applications to Managed Play Store.
    • How to perform device enrollment.

What do I need for the Knox Capture deployment process?

  • Admin device (which will be used to create Knox Capture configuration).
  • Your work device (device you are using to access Knox Manage console).
  • Knox Capture application.
  • Knox Capture license.
  • Knox Manage service.

Step 1: Install the Knox Capture application on the admin device

[Admin Device]

To install Knox Capture on your admin device, simply go to the Google Play Store on your device and install the Knox Capture application.

Step 2: Create the Knox Capture configuration (Scanning Profiles) for deployment

[Admin Device]

To create the scanning configuration which will be deployed onto employees’ devices, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch Knox Capture on your admin device.

  2. Open the new profile screen and tap the + button next to the Profiles label, or tap Create profile.

  1. Enter a name for the profile.

  2. Select at least one application you want to configure scanning. Optionally, you can select activities within that application.

  1. Tap Confirm to save the profile. You can then change settings for that profile according to your preferences.

You can skip the adding of a profile, in which case the Default Scanning Profile settings will be applied to any application used to scan barcodes.

More details on creating profile can be found within the Knox Capture documentation.

Step 3: Export the Knox Capture configuration

[Admin Device]

The profile created on the admin device has to be exported and transferred to the Knox Manage console for deployment. The following steps show the Email export method, but you can also do it with file export by saving the file and transferring it to your work device.

  1. Launch the Knox Capture application.

  2. Tap the floating blue button in the right bottom corner to open the share options menu.

  1. Select the Email export method option then follow the steps. Note that an installed and configured Email application is required to proceed with this step.

  1. Select an Email app to start a new message, use the profile as a text file attachment, and then send the message to your work device. Note that the sending process may vary depending on the Email application you are using.

More details on exporting profiles can be found in the Knox Capture documentation.

Step 4: Add the Knox Capture application to the Managed Google Play Store

[Knox Manage]

The Knox Capture application has to be added to your Managed Google Play Store in order to perform configuration deployment later. To add the Knox Capture app to MGPS please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Application.

  2. Press the Add button.

  3. Select the Public App option and tap OK.

  1. Search for the Knox Capture application.

  2. Select and Approve the Knox Capture application.

  1. Press the Save button in the Add Application screen and tap OK.

The Knox Capture application will then be added to Managed Google Play and it will appear on your Application list.

More details on adding applications can be found in the Knox Manage documentation.

Step 5: Assign the application to Group or Organization

[Knox Manage]

To configure the Knox Capture application from the Knox Manage console, it’s required to create a Managed Configuration for that application. To do this, you will first need to assign an application to Group or Organization in Knox Manage with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Application.
  2. From the applications list select the Knox Capture application.
  3. Tap the Assign button.
  4. On the Assign Application screen configure your assignment settings.
  5. Select Target Type (Group or Organization).
  6. Select Group / Organization from the list.
  7. Tap the Assign button then tap OK.

More details on assigning applications can be found in the Knox Manage documentation.

Step 6: Set up Managed Configuration for Knox Capture

[Knox Manage, work device]

After having the Knox Capture application assigned to Group or Organization, you can set up Managed Configuration for your Knox Capture deployment. Follow these steps to set up and configure Managed Configuration for your Knox Capture application:

  1. Navigate to Groups/Organizations depending on what you have assigned to the Knox Capture app.

  2. Open Group/Organization Details by tapping its name on the list.

  3. Select Application tab.

  4. Select the Knox Capture app in applications list.

  5. Tap the Modify Settings button right above the list.

  6. Tap Set Configuration next to the Managed Configuration label.

  7. Enter the Name for the configuration.

  8. On your work device, open the configuration file exported from Knox Capture on the admin device (this can be done using a simple text editor).

  9. Copy the contents of that file and paste it into the Knox Capture Configuration field.

  10. Enter the Knox Capture license key in the Knox Capture License field (leaving this field empty will limit performance to only 100 scans).

  11. Click the Save button to save your changes.

  1. Tap the Save button on the Modify Setting screen.

  2. Tap the OK button to confirm.

Step 7: Enroll end-user devices

The Knox Capture application is ready to be deployed and enrolled in end-user devices after successfully completing the previous steps. You can perform device enrollment according to your preferences and policy.

If the end-user devices are already enrolled, then the new configuration will be pushed to those devices.

Step 8: Change key preferences or view configuration (optional)

[End user device]

End user devices enrolled with Knox Capture can now scan codes directly from the business applications set by the administrator. They just need to launch their business application and press the scan key while focusing the field awaiting data.

Workers can also change the hardware key preferences or view the Knox Capture configuration that’s been set by the administrator.

To change the key preferences:

  1. Launch the Knox Capture application. Key preferences are available on the Knox Capture home screen.

To see the current configuration details:

  1. Expand the menu to the right of the Camera scan trigger label and tap View current configuration.

More details on using Knox Capture can be found in the Knox Capture documentation.

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