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Step 6 — Assign a profile

Last updated January 22nd, 2024

Profiles help you define rules to control various aspects of a device. You can create and assign select profiles to a group or organization to control app and user behavior on associated devices.

A profile comprises a set of policies, each of which specify a configuration or setting for an app or device. For example, you can have policies to control Wi-Fi, data access, screen lock, roaming, location, or firewall.

Create a new profile, configure its policies, and assign it to a group in the Knox Manage console:

  1. Go to Profile and click Add. The Add Profile page opens.

  2. Enter a Name and select the platform for which to create the profile.

  3. Click Save & Set Policy. The Set Policy page opens.

  4. Set the policies you want, and click Save & Assign. For example, you can Set a Message for Lock Screen.

  5. Click OK to confirm. The Assign Profile page opens.

  6. Select a group to assign the profile to it.

  7. Click Assign & Apply.

  8. Review the details and click OK to confirm.

Your new profile is created and assigned to a group!

For more information about profiles, see Create a new profile, Configure profile policies by device platform, and Assign profiles to groups and organizations.

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