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Step 5 — Add and assign an app

Last updated March 21st, 2023

You can share apps with device users by assigning it to their group or organization, or directly to their device.

To assign an app to a group in the Knox Manage console:

  1. Go to Application and click Add. The Select Application Type dialog opens.

  2. Click Next. The Managed Google Play dialog opens.

  3. Click the app to add, and click Select. The Add Application page opens.

  4. Click Save & Assign.

  5. Click OK to confirm. The Assign Application page opens.

  6. Select a group to assign the application to it.

  7. Click Assign.

  8. Review the details and click OK to confirm.

The app is assigned to the group you created earlier!

For more information about adding and assigning apps, see Add apps using Managed Google Play and Assign Managed Google Play apps.

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